Dragon Guard launches varieties of affordable security devices

Are you looking for an affordable anti-shoplifters solution for your supermarket or stores to enhanced security?

If Yes, is your answer, you can refer some of the exclusives devices offered by Dragon Guard which has been in the industry since 2004.

“We are one of leading manufacturers of anti-shoplifting EAS system and security tag label products in China,” the company said.

The company has both the “experience and advanced technological expertise” in the production of quality radio-frequency and acoustic-Magnetic EAS products.

“We offer a wide range of electronic  article surveillance products including self-alarm tags, safers, RF/AM hard tag, bottle tags, milk security tags, RF/AM soft label, DR label, am label, ink tag, RF/AM antenna detection system, RF/AM deactivator, RF hand verifier, lanyard, pins, magnetic detachers, 8.2/1.95/4.75mhz 58/66khz and other anti shoplifters solutions,” the company said on its website.

The best part of their products is that the EAS anti-theft products are at “affordable price and nice quality”.

You may want to recommend their EAS security store tag.

“We offer comprehensive security solution for library, bookstore, Hypermarket & Supermarket, clothes shop, optical shop, video shop, jewelry shop, digital products, drug store, cosmetic shop, shoe store, self-service shop, Pharmacies(drugstore) auto accessories shop,warehouse, airport and railway station, hospital and others,” they said.

Some of their well known products include:

  • Checkpoint
  • Sensormatic
  • Alpha
  • Gateway
  • Meto Certus
  • 3M
  • Shopguard
  • WG
  • BMI
  • Ketec.

For more you can checkout their website: http://www.dragon-guard.com