WIA announces release of new auto darkening welding helmet range

Welding Industries of Australia (WIA) have announced the release of their new range of auto darkening welding helmets. The highly anticipated release of the BlueFX and ViewFX auto darkening welding helmets is another step to providing the Australian welding market with excellent protection for their welding needs.

Offering protection, comfort and performance, all at an affordable price, WIA’s new BlueFX and ViewFX auto-darkening welding helmets are packed with exceptional features, coupled with excellent reliability, value for money and WIA’s renowned warranty.

The new BlueFX Auto-Darkening helmet has been designed for welders looking for protection, performance and comfort at an affordable price. Providing the operator with continuous arc sensing capability the BlueFX comes with two arc sensors and has a viewing area of 97 x 46mm. The BlueFX features a high quality shell in a slightly metallic, matt blue colour. Designed with quality in mind the BlueFX comes with a one-year warranty.

The ViewFX has been designed for professional welders wanting extra performance and comes standard with four arc sensors and an extra wide 97 x 60mm viewing area, giving operators a greater view of the weld. The ViewFX shell is high quality and durable, and comes in a metallic matt grey colour. Reliable and dependable, the ViewFX comes standard with a two-year warranty for extra peace of mind.


Both helmets are impressive and suitable for all general welding applications, including stick, MIG and TIG welding plus plasma cutting, and come standard with a grind mode, meaning users only need one helmet for all their welding requirements – including weld preparation and clean-up.

Battery powered with solar assist, the helmets also offer exceptionally long life before charging is required. Delivering up to 1500 hours of interruption free welding with MIG, Stick, TIG and Plasma power sources, the helmets are always ready to go.

The helmets’ lenses automatically switch from light state 4 to adjustable welding shades 9-13 whenever an arc is struck, and extremely quickly. The lens darkening reaction time is a lightning fast 1/12,000 sec for the BlueFX and 1/15,000 for the ViewFX. For extra view of the weld both helmets also come with a built-in provision for a magnifying lens, if needed.

Designed with operator comfort in mind, the helmets feature high quality, lightweight headgear which is fully and easily adjustable providing welders with maximum face and neck protection. Tested in Australia, the lens and helmet comply with Australian Standards and have a high impact rating. AS/NZS 1338.1 (Auto-Darkening) and AS/NZS1337.1 B (High Impact).

And like all WIA welding products, these helmets are manufactured with quality and longevity in mind providing warranty for peace of mind.

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