A Woman Gets Pregnant 5 Times In 10 Months For Rs 1400

Areview of recipients of the Janani Suraksha Yojna in Uttar Pradesh, which principally ensures through a little dole better sustenance for new moms in the days soon after the conveyance of their infants, has hurled some startling “actualities”.

A Woman Gets Pregnant 5 Times In 10 Months For Rs 1400

The Janani Suraksha Yojna was presented in 2005 for the advantage of poor pregnant ladies. The point of the plan was to decrease maternal and neonatal mortality by reassuring institutional conveyance.
A lady, for case, was proclaimed pregnant three times in four months to benefit advantages under the plan. Another lady who had not considered in 12 years was paid Rs 1,400 as honorarium by the health department. Yet another lady in Bahraich, a 60-year-old, got pregnant “five times in 10 months”.


Authorities in charge of usage of the plan are currently being examined and a request is on to unwind the inconsistencies. Authorities said they are taking a gander at a “large pan-UP scam” in which PHC representatives would make invented exchanges of Rs 1400 to town ladies, give them a small cut and keep the rest for themselves. In the Baundi PHC alone, 200 such cases have been found. Workers have been suspended and the region officer has requested a test.

Over, in Badaun, when Asha Devi guaranteed advantages agreed to pregnant ladies three times in a compass of four months, authorities at the bank where she came to store the checks became suspicious and informed the health officers. A request was led and numerous all the more such examples tumbled out.
Asha Devi had gotten Rs 1,400 under the plan after she conceived an offspring on February 28 this year. She guaranteed a comparative sum in March, saying she had a child that month. She then said she conveyed on May 20, as well, and looked for the remittance implied for moms like her.

The instance of Rajeshwari Devi of Barahi town of Samrer piece was just as stunning. Given the Rs 1,400 honorarium after she guaranteed to have conveyed an infant on August 24, 2011, it developed later that the last time she had conveyed a child was 12 years prior.
Extra chief Dr Subodh Sharma of the health division of state government said, “I have reviewed records at general hospital and group health centres and am sitting tight for a report from bank powers. When I get that, move will be made against the liable. A lady is given Rs 1,400 by the legislature under the plan to urge her to eat nutritious sustenance not long after she conveys a child at an administration doctor’s facility. That would shield her health and that of the new-conceived child. It is shocking that this plan is being abused.”