Medicines to be avoided to get rid of Body Weight – Check the List

Getting more fit, or keeping up a solid weight, can be a fight for some patients. About 70% of individuals in the world are over their optimal body weight or surpass their suggested body mass file (BMI). Maturing, absence of activity, and eating regimen changes are all offenders in the fight to hold weight down.

Avoid these Medicines to overcome obese:

Some exceptionally regular pharmaceuticals can likewise prompt weight pick up – physician recommended medications utilized for state of mind issue, diabetes, hypertension and seizures can all extra undesirable pounds.

For some medications, it is not known precisely what causes the weight pick up. A few drugs can expand ravenousness, cause liquid maintenance, or gradually prompt weight increase more than a time of time because of weakness and lower movement.



It is regularly hard to recognize weight put on from a medication and weight pick up from different reasons, similar to eating regimen or absence of activity, on the grounds that it can be a moderate procedure.

Weight addition may build the chance for elevated cholesterol, (hypertension), and sort 2 diabetes. A few medications should be gradually decreased, and an unexpected suspension may prompt reactions. The patient may have the capacity to change to an alternate solution or utilize a lower dosage. Elective medicines may be accessible. Furthermore, recollect, pharmaceuticals may influence patients in an unexpected way, and not every patient will put on weight.

It may sound stunning; yet popping a pill here and a torment reliever there can be an obstruction to weight control – bringing about certain weight pick up. With simple accessibility and self-remedy propensities, it is very regular for us to purchase and use over-the-counter medications for minor infirmities like migraines and stomach issues.

Today, Dr. Pulkit Sharma, Clinical Psychologist & Psychoanalytical Therapist at VIMHANS, New Delhi, illuminates us about the main 7 such medications that can influence your weight.

Antidepressants: There is a tremendous individual contrast in weight increase because of antidepressants. While a few individuals put on weight when put on some particular antidepressants, others don’t. There are contrasts between different antidepressants in contributing towards weight pick up.

There are some types of antidepressants, which prompt weight addition, are tricyclic antidepressants and monoamine oxidase inhibitors.

Contraception pills: Many individuals going in for conception prevention pills convey a trepidation that they may put on weight. While it is normally accepted that conception prevention pills reason weight pick up, this case is not upheld via examination proof. Starting now there is no definitive confirmation, whether conception prevention pills truly cause weight pick up.

Seizures/Mood Stabilizers: Valproic corrosive is utilized to treat epilepsy (seizures), bipolar issue and for headache aversion. Valproic corrosive seems to support hunger and may bring about a 10 pound or more weight addition. Lithium (Lithobid) is likewise utilized for state of mind issue, and is connected with weight pick up.

Tranquilizers: While present day dozing pills are more secure when contrasted with the ones accessible previously, symptoms are likely. Drugs that contain melatonin can bring about weight pick up. It is a superior alternative to attempt non-restorative medications for a sleeping disorder, for example, psychological conduct treatment.

Headache meds: Many individuals accept that headache solutions can add to weight pick up. Drugs used to treat headache sometimes might really add to weight reduction instead of weight addition. Nonetheless, abstain from utilizing these medications to impel weight reduction as they can have other potential symptoms.

Steroids: Steroids by and large cause weight pick up. Be that as it may, the measure of weight addition relies on the sort of steroid, the length of utilization and established qualities of the specific person. Steroids can likewise prompt collection of muscle to fat quotients in undesirable ranges, which individuals fear for corrective reasons.

Diabinese, Insulase (chlorpropamide): This medication can prompt either weight put on or weight reduction relying on the person. It is along these lines extremely fundamental to take every one of these medications under customary supervision of a restorative expert and take after a legitimate eating routine and activity regimen.