The Banned Drug “Crystal Meth” Production Made This Telangana Man A Millionaire

Money makes man greedy.some people wants become millionares overnight.To fulfill their dream of becoming millionare,they don’t care the way they choose to earn money.It may be legal or illegal.Here is one such story of a man who?s journey begin as a blue collar worker in a chemical factory to a millionaire is no less than the story replication of the “Walter White” of the popular Breaking Bad series. According to the reports, the banned drug “Crystal meth” production made this Telangana man a millionaire .

Crystal Methamphetamine:

This story seems to have come out straight from the series “Breaking Bad “.According to the police, the accused Ramesh (34) came to Hyderabad from his native village Hanumanwadi of Bhongir 20 year ago to study, however he wasn?t able to finish his science degree, dropped out from college. As he couldn?t get a degree, the young Ramesh as to settle down as one of the suffering blue-collar employes in the growing chemical industry. Years passed, and most of his colleagues remained poor. But Ramesh who was ambitious, and now made his assets that are worth several crores, including a partnership in a hotel in Singapore, and many expensive plots in Mallapur, and other places.

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Over the last three years, Ramesh who has covered the eyes of enforcement agencies, nurturing his multi-crore narcotic drug industry in his safe havens located in the outskirts of the city. Despite having no qualifications of a chemist, he learnt how to cook Meth (Methamphetamine) from his years of experience in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry. He became as one of the counterparts of major drug cartels of South East Asia, the Meth cooked by Ramesh reached Singapore and Malaysia via Chennai. Since Meth is one of the most expensive drugs in the world, Ramesh became a millionaire in no time. With the prior information a Special Investigation Team of Cyberabad police busted his gang, they were trying to smuggle 13.5 kg Meth to Chennai. Ramesh was found to have opened secret labs in the city outskirts, and with the help of a few aides, he became another ?Walter White? of the popular series Breaking Bad.

According to SOT inspector Narsing Rao who led the operation said that it was only after his arrest that we came to know that he owned properties worth crores. But we worked on it and closed all the loopholes before catching him. For the prelim investigation Ramesh is now in the custody of Cyberabad police, and Narcotics Control Bureau officials will soon take him into custody to find out his connections.It has been seen as the Hidden beneath the legal structure of Pharma-Chemical Industries in Hyderabad, lies the highly discreet narcotic industry run by people like Ramesh. Apart from Meth, they also manufacture synthetic psychotropic substances Ketamine, Ephedrine, Methaqualone and other varieties. The enforcement agencies realised the gravity of the issue only after busting Ramesh?s gang.

There could be many more such gangs active in the city with secret labs on the outskirts. We are trying to understand the structure, and are preparing to bust a few more places,? said an SOT official. Cyberabad police suspect the gang may also be distributing the drugs in pubs and clubs in the city on special occasions like New Year?s Eve.

Methamphetamine colloquially known as “Crystal meth” it is a psychostimulant of the phenethylamine and amphetamine class of drugs. It is taken to increase alertness, energy and concentration.In high doses, it can induce euphoria,enhance self-esteem and increase libido . Its sides effects in long run can lead to contract to heart diseases or long lasting mental disorders . Overdose can cause convulsion , a heart attack or stroke .

They can leave an acute withdrawal symptoms which include anxiety and fatique, severe depression and suicidal tendencies.This one of the best live example to show that money make man greedy and wont think the way they are earning.Ramesh incident is the best example for that and with his greedy he ruined his life.