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Agri business necessary to boost Mizoram economy: Liansailova

Aizawl (mizonews.net): Mizoram Agriculture Minister H.Liansailova said since agriculture remains the mainstay of the state economy, it is important to develop the sector.

“As agriculture is our basic resource for livelihood, we need to turn it into business,” he said here on May 17during the 2nd KVK Scientific Meet at Agiculture Conference Hall.

“Industry cannot even boost the state’s economy as there are no raw materials in the state but are imported from other states. The resources that we have in our state are that of agriculture, so we need to bring agriculture into business market. If we are in a position to expand Agriculture business, we should also be able to make useful of the Look East Policy,”Liansailova said.

“The resources that we have in our state needs to be innovated using the modern technology, for which KVK Experiment and Research are necessary” the minister said. The minister further said that Mizoram is going to have Agriculture College during the 12th Plan; therefore he asked the agricultural scientists to prepare for that and to have subject specialization.

Excepting Selesih KVK all the KVKs in the 8 districts of Mizoram are under the administration of Directorate of Agriculture (Research and Education. Selesih KVK is under Central Agricultural University.

At the Scientific Meet, the 8 KVKs reported their achievement through power point presentation. It has been confirmed through their research that the following: Rice – Aizong, Piolee, Tamphophou, Sampada, RCM-10; Strawberry – Sweet Charlie; Brinjal – RCMBL – 3, 2 etc; Corn – HQPM; Potato – Kufri Megha; Onion – Matahari; Fruit – Kiwi Banana – (high density planting) are all good for cultivation in Mizoram.

Zero energy cool chamber- storage of vegetables for long period without electric current has also been tested successfully, mainly in the places of southern Mizoram. Cultivation of Straw berry is also successful in several places of Mizoram, the KVK scientists scientist informed.

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