Bollywood Stars to get Arrested under IPC Section 420 – Maggi Row

Bihar: On a petition filed by a lawyer, a court filed a First Information Report (FIR) be registered against supreme Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit and Preity Zinta, who have acted in many Maggi noodles advertisements. The Bihar court has given a notice that these stars could be arrested, if required as they acted for a false and ill causing endorsement. The case on these superstars has been filed under various IPC sections 270, 273, 276 and 420 (cheating and dishonesty).

Today, the Delhi government had noticed that high lead levels than required were detected in almost every 10 out of 13 packets of Maggi noodles tested from around the Capital city of India. Delhi government on Tuesday has decided to initiate a case against the Nestle company “for sale of an unsafe product”, a statement released by the government said, and also that it is considering to make up a fine for “misbranding” as almost five Nestle Maggi noodle packet samples taken randomly were found to contain MSG which produces enormous taste to the mouth, without no declaration on the label of the packet.

While Amitabh Bachhan cleared the fact infront of the media that he does not endorse that Nestle maggi brand anymore and on the other side Madhuri Dixit recently met Nestle maggi officials regarding this case and announced that the Nestle company has assured her initially about the quality of the product.

Bollywood Stars to get Arrested under IPC Section 420 - Maggi Row

Today i.e. on Wednesday, the Delhi government has called the officials of Nestle (the company which makes Maggi Noodles in India) to a meeting to hear their side of the defence story and will consider further action after hearing to the Nestle officials. In the meanwhile, the governments of other states had brought up the calls by testing the samples at their respective centres. The Kerala State food cooperation has issued a notice that Nestle’s outlets will be temporarily closed for the sale, till there is clarity on the quality of the product that is made by that company.

Unsold stock will be returned to the company. However, on the other page Goa’s Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has issued a notice that the samples they had tested were found to be safe for adult and child consumption. Meanwhile, Anupama who is the food safety commissioner of Kerala addressed media and said that the state has already started testing random samples of Maggi noodles from different centres in the state. Anupama said that not only the presence of excessive lead but the presence of monosodium glutamate in the samples of Nestle maggi is also a worrying fact.

“The presence of lead in the samples collected was well within in the maximum permissible limit of 2:50 pm,” Maggi noodles has come out to the centre of controversy since sudden laboratory tests ordered by food inspectors in the state of Uttar Pradesh who allegedly found eight times as much lead as permissible in a batch of Nestle Maggi noodles which leaves enormous tasting sense to the mouth of a Human being. The Twitter handle Maggi India tweeted today,

“We understand that consumers are concerned by reports that the authorities in India have found elevated levels of lead in a sample pack of MAGGI Masala Noodles. The sample came from a batch that had an expiry date of November 2014 and is therefore no longer in the market. We are fully cooperating with the authorities who are conducting further tests and we are awaiting their results.”