Churachandpur BJP mandal organises Swachh Bharat Campaign

Rengkai (Mizonews.Net): In response to the invitation of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Swachh Bharat Campaign (Modi Fied North East) under the theme “Clean our surrounding First”, the Churachandpur Mandal, Bharatia Janata Party organized a social work on October 2. The day also marks the celebration of the 145th Gandhi Jayanti.

“The social work begins at 7 AM and ended at LOAM. The participants filled up several pot holes of feet deep lying at the intervals of yards along the main roads of Churachandpur, the second town in Manipur,” the party said in a statement. Shri Zalienphung, an active BJP member, a business man of Rengkai, part of the town donated chips (read rora) and carried the waste in truck free of cost. The public then filled the pot holes with the chips.

Clean India Campaign Rengkai

“The streets are lying in a pathetic condition for years together. The Congress Party which rules the state for more than 10 years remains a silent spectator. All the complains concerning the poor implementation of the development works including road maintenance enter a deaf ear. Hence People lost hope in vain promises made by local Congress ministers/MLAs,” the party said.