Did Monster Mom Kill 13-Year-Old for Rs. 10-Lakh Insurance?

Recently we heared that a women killed her own kid with the help of her boyfriend.Several chilling details have emerged in the cold-blooded murder of the partially disabled Pune teenager, Chaitanya Balpande, who was allegedly beaten to death by his mother and her alleged boyfriend last week.

Did Monster Mom Kill 13-Year-Old for Rs. 10-Lakh Insurance?

Investigations and statements from family members have led the police to suspect that the 13-year-old’s murder had a rather sinister motive: Rakhi Balpande (36), wanted to claim a Rs. 10-lakh insurance policy that was in Chaitanya’s name.

Did Monster Mom Kill 13-Year-Old for Rs. 10-Lakh Insurance?

Did Monster Mom Kill 13-Year-Old for Rs. 10-Lakh Insurance?

mid-day’s conversations with Rakhi’s mother and neighbours also paint a picture of the 36-year-old as a monster mom, who used repeated beatings to keep the boy under her thumb. She would allegedly starve the partially disabled Chaitanya from time to time, force him to exercise for four hours and keep him up late at night.

Rakhi had also threatened to file a kidnapping case against her own mother when the latter said she would take Chaitanya with her to save him from her abuse. A female neighbour who tried to intervene was kept at bay with the threat of filing a molestation case against her husband.

Speaking to mid-day, Assistant Inspector Suryakant Marode of the Vishrantwadi police station, who is investigating the case, said, “Rakhi’s estranged husband, Tarun, had taken out an insurance policy in Chaitanya’s name and she wished to present the murder as a case of accidental death, which is why she kept cooking up various theories.

We are further investigating the case and will arrive at a conclusion by August 14, after recording the statements of Rakhi’s mother and her husband Tarun.” A senior officer said, “Rakhi was aware that her husband, Tarun, had taken out a Rs. 10-lakh insurance in Chaitanya’s name and had insisted that she be named the beneficiary when the divorce talks were on.

Accordingly, Rakhi and her alleged boyfriend, Sumit More, hatched a plot to portray Chaitanya’s death as an accidental one so she could claim the money from the insurance policy.”

Chaitanya was taken to the hospital by Rakhi on August 5. She had initially claimed he had suffered a fall in the bathroom. Autopsy reports revealed that Chaitanya died due to blunt force trauma to the chest and abdomen and Rakhi later confessed to have thrashed him with a bat, but claimed she had done so because he had made sexual advances towards her.

Medical and police reports suggested that the death occurred after the teenager was repeatedly beaten with a cricket bat. The bat has been sent to a forensic laboratory in Pune. Rakhi’s alleged boyfriend Sumit More, who is also the landlord of the flat she was living in, was arrested on Saturday as co-accused and has been remanded in police custody till August 12.

Rakhi was presented before the judicial magistrate on Friday and remanded in custody till August 10.
Statements from Rakhi’s family and neighbours to mid-day have revealed a darker side to her. She would force her partially disabled son to exercise for four hours a day and kept him up late at night.

On being asked why she did all of this, she’d reply saying that she was training her son to join the defence forces.Rakhi’s 62-year-old mother, Neela Mankar, said, “Rakhi was never a supportive mother. Chaitanya was an excellent singer and took part in Indian Idol and even cleared the first two rounds.

But she never sent him to singing classes or encouraged him to do better. In fact, my daughter never fed him sufficient food and forced him to wash utensils and clothes while threatening him with dire consequences if he did not work as per her instructions. I had educated my daughters on dealing with hardships but never knew that Rakhi would turn out to be so bitter.”

Tarun said, “Chaitanya was my only hope and I lived for him. I had placed my faith in the judiciary and hoped that I would get my son back one day. Last year, Rakhi had demanded Chaitanya’s custody saying she needed him for a few rituals because her father had passed away. She never returned Chaitanya to me.

I cannot believe this is the same person I married fifteen years ago. And, because of a delay in justice, I lost my son.”She should be defenetly punished for being rude to her child not for not showing least mercy on him.
Let’s pray for Chaitanya.