Five Killed and Two Injured in a Road accident

Five people died, all aged 24 and below, in a gory accident which occurred near by Hyderabad. According to the police records they were travelling in a car.

They meet with an accident when a SUV which was coming in the opposite direction and was being driven by a businessman who was 50 year old and he is resident of Jadcherla jumped the median on NH44 and rammed into the car, under Shadnagar town police station limits on Sunday morning.

Five Killed and Two Injured in a Road accident:

Deputy Superintendent S.Kalmeshwar, Shadnagar, according to him the businessman who was driving the SUV was undergoing treatment at a Hyderabad hospital. He was meet with some injuries.


The police officers stated that they do not know what exactly happened and according to their vision they understood that the SUV bearing the registration number AP22AJ0099, was just crashed into the median onto the opposite lane and hit the car with the registration number AP28DS3798.

They were total six members in that car. In that two of them Mahesh Goud aged 18 and Ramanujam aged 24 died on the spot. And three of the others Rinku aged 14, Surya Pranay aged 22 and Chandra Pradeep aged 20 taken to different hospitals for treatment but they cannot help in saving their lives.

They died in different hospitals. Only one person among them survived in that car, Megha Prashant aged 18 is being treated at a hospital in Hyderabad. Megha Prashant were seriously injured and was the only person who survived among them.

Mr.Kalmeshwar said that they were on their way to a mango garden in Bhoothpur to celebrate Bonalu when they meet with the accident. The police officials were investigating about the exact reason for the accident. The bodies of the dead were sent to hospitals for post mortem.

After that the bodies will be handed over to their respective families. The family members of the victims were in deep sorrow.