No Respect For Blue Collar Workers : Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 46th Indian Labour Conference in the national capital on Monday. The Prime Minister will also dedicate the National Career Service (NCS) portal to the nation and launch health reforms of the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation of India (ESIC) on the occasion. The Conference is likely to witness a stormy session on several issues .

No Respect For Blue Collar Workers : Narendra Modi

Here are the highlights of 46th Indian Labour Conference in words of Narendra Modi:
It is a matter of inspiration for all of us that this is a conference that was blessed by BR Ambedkar.The nation can not prosper if labourers are sad.

No Respect for Blue Collar Workers : Narendra Modi

No Respect for Blue Collar Workers : Narendra Modi

If a labourer doesn’t give wings to his own dreams, he will not able to fulfill the dreams of others.There is a wrong habit which has crept in, we do not respect our labour enough.

As a society, we need to respect the Dignity of Labour.Why is it that in some industries, strikes haven’t taken place, no complaints are there? These are examples to follow

I am confident that we will be able to address the challenges ahead and proceed with reforms with everyone’s consensus.It is my effort to simplify the laws so that even the poorest are able to understand their rights and avail them.

The Government, Industrialists and Labour Organisations; all of us need to think about how much stress we have given on innovation.

I was pleasantly surprised on seeing the various practical innovations done by our armed forces.Industrialists should encourage their labourers to become entrepreneurs. Not keep them in same job for decades.

We are concerned about the labour who is employed, but we are also concerned for the people who are unemployed.If we want to move ahead, we need to give opportunities to our youth. Giving opportunities to apprentices is the need of the hour.

When we formed the government, people used to get paltry sums as pensions. We have come up with a minimum pension of Rs. 1,000.I have seen and experienced poverty, I do not need to go somewhere with a camera-man to know about poverty.

We are concerned about the health of our labour. All their medical records will now be available online.We have come up with three important schemes to ensure social security for even the unorganised labour.