The Andhra Stampede Is A Loss Of Face For Chandrababu Naidu

Besides lot many arrangements and precautions taken by the AP state government in conducting maha Pushkara,Everything indeed went wrong at the Pushkar ghat-1 in Rajahmundry when a stampede at the ritual Pushkaram bath site, left at least 27 persons dead at last count, and thrice that number injured.

The Andhra Stampede Is A Loss Of Face For Chandrababu Naidu:

This should be a strong indictment of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s self-trumpeted management skills.

The Andhra Stampede Is A Loss Of Face For Chandrababu Naidu
This incident that happened with the very first day of Pushkara,stutled both the states.The grandiose arrangements spectacular laser show and the extravagant publicity blitzkrieg have all gone for a toss with the stampede at the very main entrance, the threshold for the holy bath on the first day of the Godavari Pushakaram.

The basics of handling large crowds was found missing when devotees suddenly gushed towards a wall to climb it and gain entry into the Pushkar ghat for the bath. All hell broke lose resulting in a stampede.
This incident happened due to over crowd.The huge crowd of people beyond expected,reached to only one ghat which is near temple, though they there are many ghats.Due, to the uncontrollable situation, the authorities of temple closed the main gates.With this horrible situation,every one started blaming the chief minister.The chief minister may not be responsible for the disaster directly, but he has been personally overseeing the arrangements for the Maha Pushkarams, as claimed by a section of the press.
The states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh embarked on a massive spadework for the Godavari pushakarams, which occur once in every 12 years for 12 days. The AP government, which habitually counts its proverbial chicks even before they are hatched, went about town gloating over its competency and capability without factoring in the risks involved in the execution of the 12-day-long event where a lot of things can go awry.

Deployment of over 845 special trains, setting up of more than 262 pushkar ghats, and all other details are no more than mere statistics. The government’s competency would have been applauded had it managed the show without any inconvenience to people.The main reason, as it appears on the face of it, for the disaster is that there are more entrances, but hardly any exit routes for the devout to take a dip and leave. In a way, it’s a kind of a rat trap.