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Cyclonic storm batters Mizoram; over 350 houses destroyed

Aizawl (Mizonews.Net): Cyclonic storm during the last 3 days has caused extensive damage in Serchhip, Kolasib and some parts of Aizawl District.

According to reports received from Serchhip, 14 houses were damaged and five persons were injured as the cyclone lashed some parts of the town at noon on Thursday. Of the 14 affected houses, 9 were totally damaged.

Two of the five persons injured in the storm were admitted to the hospital and three of them were discharged after administering first aid.

The damaged buildings include two medical department’s quarters. Six electric posts and power line were also damaged. A number of villages in the district also went without power. Following reports, workers of Power & Electricity Dept have started work on restoration of the damaged power lines.

In Tachhip, the storm damaged three houses and a Presbyterian Church in Sevenphul. It also caused extensive damage to the power transmission lines including 11 KV transmission line which supply power to the villages in Aibawk area.

In Kolasib District, as many as 290 houses were damaged by the wind and hailstorm. Landslides also occurred in 64 places causing damage to several houses and endangering many others.

As per report from Kolasib DC Office, 129 silpaulines have been distributed to the victims of nature’s fury. In Thingdawl, 102 houses were damaged by the hailstorm. Damages caused to other villages in the district includes 10 houses in Chhimluang, 50 in Bukpui, 17 in Bukvannei, Saihapui K, Saiphai and Bilkhawthlir, 7 in Pangbalkawn, 15 in North Chaltlang, 12 in Meidum and three houses each in Hortoki and Zanlawn. According to official sources, reports of damages in other villages were also received and officials have been sent to assess the extent of the damages.

Reports received by Mizonews.Net said that standing crops including vegetables have been “totally destroyed in areas hit by the storm”. This has resulted in steep hike in prices of vegetables, the source said.

In neighbouring Manipur’s Churachanpur district, hailstorm has caused extensive damage to the standing crops. “It is like some western countries and kids were able to play ‘snow fight’,” local media reports said.

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