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FAO team inspects agricultural projects in Mizoram

FAO team members in Mizoram
FAO team members in Mizoram

FAO team members in Mizoram

Aizawl (Mizonews.Net): Visiting Food and Agriculture Organisation team on October 11 inspected the various projects undertaken by the Mizoram government in different parts of the state. They also kept proper record of what they have seen during their inspection which will help them in determining how and what steps to be taken later.

Impressed by the different species of bamboos grown at the Forest Department Nursery at Tuirial, the FAO team suggested ways for better cultivation method. They also visited Community Development Action & Reflection (CDAR) Centre, Tuirial, where Turmeric and Ginger are processed.

The team inspected the different initiatives of AH & Vety Department at Selesih Farm.

A meeting was held with the FAO team at Central Agricultural University (CAU) Selesih. CAU Vice Chancellor Dr. SN Puri who chaired the meeting spoke on the initiatives being undertaken in Mizoram by Agriculture and AH & Vety Department and also highlighted their future plans.

PL Thanga, Member Secretary, Mizoram Planning Board & Vice Chairman NLUP Implementing Board, said that the FAO team was invited to help study the Mizoram flagship programme NLUP which is for upliftment of the poor families in the State. Likewise, Central Agricultural University (CAU) is also invited by the Mizoram government to help take initiatives.

“The main reason for the problem faced by cattle farmers in Mizoram is bad condition of roads and communication,” CAU Vice Chancellor Dr. SN Puri said, adding that the farmers could not reach the doctors in time because of this problem. Steps are being taken for the need of Mobile Clinic and others he added. From the visiting team, Dr. Peter E. Kenmore, FAO Team Leader, highlighted how they had taken steps for Plant Protection and also for Agriculture and AH & Vety. Steps in these fields are also on in North East India, he added.

The various initiatives being undertaken in Mizoram are quite satisfactory, said the visiting FAO team leader, adding, they would help find ways for better and more profitable initiatives.

FAO team also visited vegetable markets in Aizawl before leaving for Delhi.

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