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Mizoram bamboo industry needs to meet international standard: Official

Aizawl (Mizonews.Net): Jointly organized by Bamboo Development Agency under Industries Department and Electronics Test & Development Centre, Guwahati, an Awareness Programme on ISO: 9000 (Quality Management System) & Bamboo Application was held yesterday at Horticulture Conference Hall here in Aizawl.

The Awareness Programme was attended by Bamboo Development Agency Chairman and Secretary of Industries Department Esther Lalruatkimi. Addressing the training programme Lalruatkimi said that since the bamboo industries in Mizoram are just at the “shoot-level” there are several problems which are to be overcome. “The Industries Department also knows this fact,” she added.

She also said that the State industries have to take great steps ahead because of the need that they have to compete not only with the neighbouring states but also at the international level in manufacturing bamboo products.

“While quantity matters quality is more importat,” she said, adding the need for formation of a Bamboo Board.

The programme of ISO: 9000 Training inauguration was conducted by Industries Director Biaktluanga, while representatives of NUTECH Bamboo Projects (P) Ltd., Mizoram Venus Bamboo Products (P) Ltd., Mizoram Chipping Cluster Association, CeeKe Bamboo & Wood Products (P) Ltd. and Grace RTP Bamboo Industry (P) Ltd. gave their own report on their present condition and their plans ahead.

Representative of Electronics Test & Development Centre, Guwahati under Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India, P.S. Chakravorty, Scientist ‘E’, Addl. Director gave explanation on the concept of ISO:9000 and its importance.

In the afternoon session, training on ISO: 9000 (Quality Management System) was held which was conducted by Bamboo Development Agency General Manager R.Lalrodingi. P.S.Chakravorty imparted the training.

Mention was made during the awareness programme today that the initiative of Mizoram Venus Bamboo Products (P) Ltd. and NUTECH Bamboo Project (P) Ltd., which is, manufacturing of construction material from bamboo, is the first of its kind in north east India. The several hurdles which they have over come in their struggle to come up with their production and to meet the market demand were highlighted.

The gathering in the Awareness programme were told that just to be proud of the resourcefulness of the State in bamboo is not enough; but rather to explore it so as to have export in a valuable way is important. As such, they were exhorted to put more effort in their own industry.

Because of the need to compete China which is the largest country in bamboo products, ISO: 9000 (Quality Management System) programme is necessary to follow which will enable quality products, it was said during the Awareness programme.

Further, mention was made that the joint venture of BDA and UNIDO for the progress of Bamboo Handicraft also goes well, such that with the assistance of UNIDO, Common Facility Centre, and other machines for Bamboo Handicraft have also arrived in Aizawl, and, further, the same are to be made ready for use immediately. Selected artisans and State Awardees related to bamboo also attended the Awareness Programme today.

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