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Mizoram Congress govt ready to resign if EVM rigging is confirmed

Mizoram Election

Party calls church elder “mentally unstable”

Mizoram Election

Mizoram Election

Aizawl (Mizonews.Net): Reacting to the allegation made by K Chhawnthuama against Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla whom he accused along with some other MLAs (unnamed) as having won in the last Mizoram Assembly election through EVM rigging, Congress Vice President and Home Minister R Lalzirliana said that if the court confirms the claims, then all the Congress party politicians will resign.

The Congress leader said this on Saturday before mediapersons here in Aizawl, a day after K Chhawnthuama disclosed his claims over EVM rigging through a local TV channel.

“If the court confirms otherwise-that EVMs were not rigged- then I demand all the politicians who have made the accusation to dare to resign as well,” the Congress leader said.

Lalzirliana said that the man’s charges were false and fabricated since he even did not mention the registration number of the vehicle — Mahindra Bolero, labeled ‘Observer’, which he said was driven out on December 2, 2013 (Sunday) from the Congress Bhavan (to Serchhip). “December 2, 2013 was not Sunday either,” the minister added.

“It is also baseless that K Chhawnthuama said EVMs were rigged by remote control from the 3rd floor of Pachhunga University College building using Malaysian Alcatel company-made device; because he did not mention whether the college authority acknowledged the same, and also that if Chhawnthuama knew all this things at all, why did he remained silent for so long time,” the minister questioned.

Regarding the account of K Chhawnthuama that EVM was kept in a small house near Serchhip DC Bangla, Home Minister further said that his story regarding this is “completely wrong” as there was no Strong Room near DC Bangla. “Even if EVM was kept at all in that small house what Chhawnthuama dubbed as Strong Room, was there no Security Guard before the EVM was taken out?”, he questioned.

The Home Minister also said he would like Chhawnthuama to name the two Mizos from Congress party media cell and the non-Mizo computer scientists who were accused as carrying out the plan of EVM rigging, and also those 28 persons whom he said have been bribed with Rs. 1080 lakhs.

Moreover, the minister said that he asks K Chhawnthuama to name the election agents whom he said as dissenting. It is surprising also that they would remain silent for so long time, had they really dissented, the Home Minister added.

Further stating that he wants K Chhawnthuama to explain the reason behind video-capturing of the whole scene of the finding of the Strong Room Lock on the wayside, and that the person who picked up the Lock necessarily putting surgical glove, Lalzirliana added, “Chhawnthuama spoke like he has witnessed everything that happens in different parts of Mizoram; is it that he and his partners playing a drama? I want him to name his partners openly as well.”

“K Chhawnthuama has gone through intense familial hardship. Because of this, I believe, he must have a mental problem. Therefore, it is advisable that he be examined thoroughly by psychiatrist before he further babble meaningless things,” Home Minister said.

Opposition dares Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla

Meanwhile, allied Opposition parties – United Democratic Front (UDF)- also came out with a press release over the issue, stating that if Lal Thanhawla, accused as the mastermind, cannot justify himself from the claims, then he should immediately stepp down as Chief Minister.

The Opposition further stated that a person who indulged in such abominable misdeed is not worthy to be Mizoram Chief Minister, adding, UDF cannot help calling him as spoiling the good image of the Mizo community and Christianity.

It may be recalled that K Chhawnthuama has been nicknamed ‘Mizo Phantom’, a Church elder of Mizoram Presbyterian Church and residing at Durtlang, who had earlier allegedly sent an “offensive” SMS to Lal Thanhawla after the declaration of Assembly election results last December. He was arrested after Lal Thanhawla lodged FIR against him but later released on bail. The Police have submitted a charge sheet on March 13 last and the court case over the issue is still going on.

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