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Final hearing on Majithia Wage Board for Journalists on December 10

The Supreme of India
The Supreme of India

The Supreme of India

New Delhi (Mizonews.Net): The Supreme Court of India has set December 10, 2013, as the final date of hearing in the Majithia Wage Board for Journalists and Non-Journalists.

Last month (on Nov 27&27) the court heard the petition from the newspaper management and the matter has been posted for December 10, sources said.

The case has been going on for years now after the Central government announced the Wage Board panel in 2009 to look into the grievances of the journalists including hike in salary and other benefits.

However, the matter has been pending before the court as the newspaper management, specifically the big newspapers, opposed the recommendations of the Majithia Commission. They not only challenged the recommendations like increase in salary but the very institution of the commission. Management of smaller newspapers like The Assam Tribune have said they had implemented the recommendations.

Lawyers for employees union B.K. Pal and Parmanand Pandey have drawn the the attention of the apex court for immediate implementation of the commission’s recommendations which have already been approved by the government.

They told the court that journalists have been waiting for more than 12 years for the wage board implementation while pleading before the court to expedite the hearing.

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