Having enough spectrum, you should rectify call drop issues immediately : Telecom Minister to Telcos

Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad addressed media on Sunday and asked mobile operators in India to walk the extra mile to reinforce their systems as they have enough spectrums to provide uninterrupted services.

Telecom Minister warned telcos in call drop issues :

The minister said he has requested that sectorial controller TRAI recommend a disincentive system to handle the issue, however he declined to share on the off chance that it will be a money related disincentive. “The fact is, starting now, as a authority, I would like all the telecom administrators to fortify their framework, to keep away from call drops, to legitimately run their operations.


When we are willing to walk the additional mile, they likewise walk the additional mile,” Prasad further added. Government put the most astounding measure of range to sell in March, some of which stayed unsold, he said, including that subsequently the contention given by administrators that insufficient range is accessible with them doesn’t hold substance.

“This contention I don’t acknowledge, enough range is accessible, what is essential for them is to fortify… call drop issue should be tended to by the administrators, whether BSNL or private ones on the grounds that shoppers need no call drops.

Presently I would acknowledge if telecom administrators sincerely tended to this issue,” he said. Reportedly, the authority is willing to walk the additional mile to address the concerns of the telecom segment yet thus, the industry ought to likewise enhance its administrations and evade issues like call drops.

The minister said that to reconsider merger and acquisition (M&A) rules for the division, the Department of Telecom is meeting partners and a last call will be taken once the suggestions are settled. “A council headed by Telecom Secretary is chipping away at it. They have had a considerable measure of gatherings with partners.

Give them a chance to finish their entire suggestions then we will accept a call. Time is not the component by any means, if there is requirement for quick pushing, doubtlessly we will do it.

I might be extremely straightforward with you,” Minister said. The minister additionally put his weight behind the business’ worry over establishment of portable towers by saying that call drop claims and battle against tower establishment can’t go as one.

“I have officially talked freely about this battle on the tower issue and I need to rehash that there is no unmistakable confirmation of any hurtful impact. Consequently, call drop affirmations and crusade against tower establishment cannot go as one,” he concluded.