NAP Meaning in Betting

Nap is a frequently used term in the world of betting, particularly in horse racing. Essentially, a nap refers to a tipster’s best bet of the day, the one they have the most confidence in to win or place in its race.

The concept of a nap is not limited to horse racing, though, as it can be applied to any sporting or non-sporting event open for betting.

The term “nap” is believed to have originated from the French card game Napoleon, where the player with the strongest hand was holding the “Napoleon hand.”

Tipsters, who are experts in their respective fields, carefully analyze various factors like the horse’s form, jockey performance, and race conditions before identifying their nap of the day. Punters often follow these tips because they trust the tipster’s knowledge and expertise in making informed decisions.

Following a tipster’s nap can be a helpful strategy for bettors, especially for those who are new to betting and looking for guidance.

In conclusion, understanding what a nap is and how it works in betting can be an essential aspect to consider when making informed wagers. By following a reputable tipster’s nap, bettors can potentially increase their chances of success and make their betting experiences more enjoyable.

Nap in Betting

A Nap in betting refers to a specific type of selection or prediction made by a tipster. It is considered their most confident pick of the day, particularly in horse racing. This term can also be applied to other sports, such as football or tennis, to indicate a tipster’s top selection 1.

The word “Nap” has its origins in a card game where a player’s best possible hand was called a “Nap hand.” This association of “Nap” with “the best” eventually transferred into the world of betting 2. When a tipster identifies a Nap bet, it typically means they have a high level of confidence in the outcome based on their analysis or insider information.

Nap selections are not limited just to winners or losers but can also include betting markets such as the number of goals scored in a football match or a specific player to score in a tennis game. The main objective for a bettor is to identify and place bets on these confident selections to maximize their chances of winning 3.

It is essential to remember that a Nap bet is just a prediction – there is never a guarantee of success. However, these selections are often worth considering, especially when coming from a reputable or consistent tipster. Furthermore, combining Nap bets with other betting strategies can help improve a bettor’s overall success rate 4.

In summary, a Nap in betting represents a tipster’s most confident and recommended pick for the day. By carefully considering their Nap selections and incorporating them into a broader betting strategy, a bettor could increase their chances of success in the long run.

Origins of the Term Nap

The term “Nap” in betting has its roots in the world of horse racing and is often used by tipsters to indicate their top pick or best bet for a particular race. The origin of the word can be traced back to the French card game Napoleon, which was popular in the 19th century. In this game, the player with the strongest hand of cards was said to have the ‘Napoleon hand.’ Over time, the term evolved from ‘Napoleon hand’ to the shorter version ‘Nap hand,’ eventually becoming the commonly used term “Nap” we know today in betting.

The connection between the Napoleon card game and horse racing lies in the concept of a winning hand or a top pick. When a tipster believes they have identified the best choice for a race, they will label that selection as their Nap, similar to how a player in the Napoleon game would call their winning hand a ‘Napoleon hand.’ This term has since transcended horse racing and can now be found in other betting markets as well.

Although the origins of the term Nap are firmly rooted in the card game, it is worth mentioning that some sources suggest an alternative origin. They claim that the word “Nap” could be derived from the French word “nappe,” which translates to tablecloth in English. In the early days of horse racing, tipsters would place their selections on a piece of paper and fold it into the shape of a tablecloth. This theory, however, is less widely accepted and remains disputed among betting industry experts.

In summary, the term Nap in betting is a way for tipsters to communicate their top pick or best bet for a specific race or event, and it can be traced back to the French card game Napoleon. Understanding the history and meaning behind this term is essential for bettors who wish to follow expert advice and improve their chances of success when placing wagers.

How to Identify a Nap Bet

Identifying a nap bet is an essential part of successful betting, as it showcases a tipster’s top pick for the day. A nap bet is the selection that is considered most likely to win based on a tipster’s thorough analysis and research.

To spot a nap bet, it’s crucial to follow reputable tipsters who have a history of success in their chosen sports. These tipsters will have a deep understanding of the sport and its nuances, enabling them to identify potential nap bets that others may miss.

In addition to following tipsters, staying up-to-date with the latest news and developments in the sport is crucial. This includes monitoring any changes to the playing field, team news, player form, and other factors that could potentially impact the odds and outcomes of upcoming events.

When evaluating potential nap bets, it’s useful to study the odds offered by various bookmakers. A nap bet should have relatively low odds, reflecting the strong belief of the tipster that the selection is likely to win. However, avoid getting too caught up in odds alone, as other factors like form and recent results should also be considered.

Finally, diversify your betting portfolio. While a nap bet might be a tipster’s top pick for the day, it’s essential to remember that there are no guarantees in betting, and it’s crucial to manage risk by spreading your bets across multiple events and selections.

Remember that identifying a nap bet requires a combination of research, analysis, and a willingness to learn from both successes and failures. By following these steps, you can improve your betting strategy and increase your chances of making informed and successful selections.

Pros and Cons of Nap Bets

A Nap bet refers to the best bet of the day offered by a tipster, which is believed to have the highest probability of winning. The term “NAP” is derived from the card game Napoleon, where a “nap” represents the best hand possible. In sports betting and, particularly, in horse racing, a NAP is considered the safest bet with the least amount of risk attached to it source. Like any type of wager, NAP bets come with their share of pros and cons.


  1. Higher Winning Probability: NAP bets are typically the tipster’s top pick for the day, which means they have extensively researched and identified the bet with the highest winning probability. This can lead to better results for bettors who trust the expertise of the tipster source.
  2. Simplified Decision-Making Process: By choosing a NAP bet, gamblers can save time and effort involved in the decision-making process. Since the tipster has already done the groundwork, bettors can place their bets with more confidence and less deliberation.
  3. Ideal for Beginners: NAP bets are an excellent choice for beginners, as they provide a simple way to begin betting without extensive experience or knowledge of the sport.


  1. Overreliance on Tipsters: While NAP bets provide convenience and a sense of certainty, they may lead to an overreliance on tipsters. As a result, bettors might miss out on valuable opportunities for profit by only focusing on the tipster’s picks.
  2. Reduced Odds: NAP bets usually have lower odds than other bets, as they represent the event outcome with the highest probability. This might result in lower returns for the bettor in case of a win source.
  3. No Guarantee of Success: Like any other betting strategy or prediction, NAP bets do not guarantee success. Despite the high probability of winning, there is always an element of unpredictability in sports events, which might lead to losses.

In summary, NAP bets can be a useful tool for both beginners and experienced bettors, offering higher winning probabilities and simplifying decision-making. However, relying solely on NAP bets may lead to missed opportunities and lower returns, so it’s essential to balance your betting strategy accordingly.

Examples of Nap Bets

In the world of betting, a Nap bet signifies the top pick or best bet for the day by a tipster. Here are a few examples of Nap bets in various sports to illustrate the concept. Keep in mind that these are merely illustrations, and actual Nap bets might vary depending on the tipster’s analysis.

Horse Racing: Horse racing is where the term “Nap” originated. To provide a clearer picture, let’s say tipster A examines the races for the day and identifies Horse X as the most likely to win the 4:30pm race. Horse X would then represent the tipster’s Nap bet for that day.

Football: While the concept of a Nap bet originated in horse racing, it can also apply to other sports like football. Consider a scenario where tipster B analyzes upcoming football matches, confidently predicting that Team Y will be victorious in their Premier League match. In this case, Team Y’s victory would represent tipster B’s Nap bet.

Tennis: Similarly, a Nap bet in tennis might entail a tipster’s top pick for a specific match. Tipster C might have strong conviction that Player Z will defeat his opponent in an upcoming Grand Slam match. Consequently, a bet on Player Z’s victory would become tipster C’s Nap bet.

In conclusion, Nap bets can be identified across various sports, although they originated from the horse racing arena. The primary characteristic of a Nap bet is that it represents the tipster’s most confident pick for the day, making it a popular choice among bettors.

Nap Betting Strategies

In the world of horse racing betting, a NAP is the best bet of the day selected by a tipster. It represents the horse that they have the most confidence in to win its race or even place. This makes NAP bets an essential part of many bettors’ strategies. Here are a few key betting strategies to consider when placing NAP bets.

Firstly, research is crucial for identifying which tipster’s NAP selections have a strong track record. This may involve comparing their performance over time, their monthly profit or loss for a £1 level stake, or their overall success rate1. By following reputable tipsters with a history of accurate NAP selections, you increase the chances of winning your bets.

Another strategy to consider is managing your bankroll effectively. As NAP bets often have lower odds due to their popularity, it is essential to be mindful of bet sizing and not chase losses4. A conservative approach can be to use a level staking plan, where you risk a fixed percentage of your bankroll on each bet. This can help to prevent significant losses and maintain a steady betting experience.

Lastly, diversifying your NAP bets across different races, tracks, and jockeys can help reduce the overall risk. This approach takes advantage of varying odds offered by bookmakers, potentially resulting in a better chance of profit3. By placing multiple NAP bets, you can create a more balanced betting portfolio and tap into different areas of expertise in the horse racing betting world.

To sum up, when placing NAP bets, it is vital to consider factors such as diligent research, effective bankroll management, and diversification. By employing these strategies, you can increase your chances of success in horse racing betting and make the most of your NAP selections.

Popular Nap Betting Forums

When it comes to finding nap selections in horse racing betting, joining popular nap betting forums can be extremely beneficial. These forums serve as a platform where fellow bettors, tipsters, and experts share their top picks and insights with the community. Let’s explore some of the well-known nap betting forums to help you make informed betting decisions.

OLBG Racing Tips Forum is one of the most popular destinations for horse racing enthusiasts. This forum offers daily racing tips, discussion threads, and insights into upcoming races. The OLBG Racing Tips Forum allows users to share their nap selections and additional valuable information, fostering a collaborative betting environment for members.

The UK Betting Forum is another great source for finding valuable nap betting tips. With a specific thread dedicated to napping and horse racing tips, this forum boasts a vast community of experienced bettors sharing their knowledge. Check out the UK Betting Forum’s Horse Racing section for reliable nap selections and race analysis.

The Betfair Community Forum is yet another option for enthusiastic bettors looking for the best naps. This forum offers an array of threads focused on particular races, betting strategies, and tipsters’ naps. The Horse Racing section on the Betfair Community Forum is a must-visit place for daily racing naps, tips, and discussions.

Finally, Twitter can also be a helpful platform to find daily nap selections from expert tipsters and professional bettors. By following prominent tipsters and their profiles, you can gain access to their nap selection tweets and further improve your betting knowledge. Some noteworthy tipsters on Twitter include @TWEnclosure and @GetYourTipsOut.

Remember to always approach forums and tipsters with a discerning eye, as individuals’ performance can vary. Additionally, it’s crucial to verify their track records to ensure the selections come from reliable sources. Use the information shared in these forums and on social media to make well-informed betting decisions and find the best naps for your wagers.


In the world of betting, the term nap holds significant importance, especially in horse racing. A nap refers to a tipster’s best bet of the day, the selection in which they have the most confidence. It represents the horse that they believe is most likely to win its race or even place.

The origin of the word “nap” is quite interesting. It is short for Napoleon, and the term is believed to have French roots, stemming from the card game Napoleon. The term is widely used by tipsters to highlight their top pick for a specific day, offering guidance to bettors searching for potentially successful bets.

While nap is predominantly used in horse racing, it can also be applied to other sports like football or tennis. In these cases, the term still designates a tipster’s top pick based on their analysis and insight.

In conclusion, understanding the meaning of nap in betting is crucial for those seeking to make informed decisions when placing wagers. With a confident, knowledgeable, and clear approach, bettors can utilize naps to enhance their betting strategy and potentially increase their chances of success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of NAP in betting terminology?

NAP refers to a tipster’s best bet of the day, usually in horse racing. It is the selection that the tipster has the most confidence in to win or even place. The term is derived from the French card game “Napoleon,” where a “nap” is the best hand a player can have 1.

How does NAP relate to horse racing?

In horse racing, a NAP is the horse that a tipster, jockey, or trainer has the most confidence in to win or place a race4. It’s the top pick in a set of selections, and it’s often used to guide bettors when choosing their bets.

What is the difference between NAP and NB in betting?

While NAP represents a tipster’s best bet of the day, NB, or “Next Best,” is their second-best bet for the day. It’s the selection that they have the second-highest level of confidence in, often used as a backup option if their NAP doesn’t perform well3.

Is there a specific strategy when choosing a NAP?

Selecting a NAP involves analyzing various factors like the horse’s form, track conditions, and overall performance. Different tipsters may prioritize different aspects when choosing their NAP, and some may specialize in specific betting markets or types of races. The key is to find a tipster whose NAP selections consistently perform well5.

How do I identify a good NAP?

Identifying a good NAP involves tracking the performance of multiple tipsters over time and choosing those with consistent success. You can also look for tipsters who have a reputation for being knowledgeable in their field. Keep in mind that one should always exercise caution when placing bets and never follow any tip blindly2.

Do popular betting websites use the term NAP?

Yes, popular betting websites use the term NAP to indicate a tipster’s best bet of the day. It’s a common term in the betting world, particularly for horse racing. You can find NAP selections on various websites and forums where tipsters share their predictions6.


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