Where to Find Boxing Schedule?

For some people, boxing is an interesting sport. They love watching this sport because it gives them adrenaline rush. Spectators are not only interested by the punching and striking that the boxers do. They are also interested in gaining more money from the game. Boxing lovers usually place bets on their favorite boxer.

If you are a true boxing lover, you must watch all the important boxing fights. Missing the games will cause a lot of disappointment. When you miss the best game, you will not be able to join the conversation when your friends are talking about the boxing fights. It is, of course, very annoying to have no idea on what they are talking about.

To avoid all those annoying situations, you must find out boxing schedule ahead of time. To find the schedule, you can log on to boxingschedule.co. This website is very excellent. From this site, you will not only be able to get the upcoming fight dates. But, you will also be able to get other information.

What boxingschedule.co has to offer?

This website is perfect for boxing fans. Boxingschedule.co has many things to offer. The main focus of this site is providing fight dates. When you are visiting this web, you will find fight schedules for several months ahead. As a result, you will be able to plan your agenda properly and have a free time to watch the fights. You can also set your reminder to remind you about the game you want to watch. Therefore, you won’t miss the boxing fights.


The home page of this website is pretty simple. It only displays a list of fight schedules. However, when you click a particular schedule, you will find an article that provides you more information about the fight. Some of the articles posted in this website are very detailed. The basic info that you’ll get from this article is the date and venue. In addition, there is other information that you’ll get from the articles. One of them is which TV station that will broadcast this game live. When you read this article, you will also find the boxers comments on their upcoming fights and some statistic of the boxers’ performance. From this article, you will also find out the ticket price for the fights.

Boxingschedule.co also allows you to interact with other web visitor. You can have discussion about a particular fight. You can start this discussion at the end of the page of each article. If you want to let your friends know about a certain game, you can share the schedule with them. This website allows you to connect it with various social media platforms. With only a click, you can share the boxing date via Facebook, Twitter, G+, and Whatsapp.

How boxingschedule.co differ from other website?

Boxingschedule.co is a unique website. It is different from other boxing match schedule site. One of the things that make it different is that it allows visitors to add fight schedules. If you know the latest update of fight schedule, you can click the button and share your information with other web visitors. The ‘add boxing dates’ option is a great gesture from the web administrator to make its visitors more involved in the production of this website.

When you click this button, you will be directed to send an email to the admin of this web. You can tell anything you know about the boxing fight schedule. The admin will process your information and use it to make a web post.

This website also allows you to embed certain boxing schedule on your blog or website. Therefore, you can make your website more interesting and informative. Embedding this schedule can make your website more unique. It also enables you to show your strong characters to your blog visitors. However, this embed schedule is more suitable for blog or website related to sports, health, or TV programs.

You will not be charged with even a single cent for embedding the schedule on your blog. To get this schedule, you can contact the admin by email. The email address is written on the web page. In consequence, you don’t need to go the ‘contact us’ page and fill any forms to get the permission.

Boxingschedule.co provides you with direction to the venue of the fight. It is connected to Google Maps. Therefore, you can find the location easier if you want to watch the game directly at the arena. With this feature, you don’t need to open your Google Maps app. You only need to click the map on this website and you can find the direction to the location.

This website also has ‘Boxing News Link’. It is an excellent feature. By clicking this button, you will be directed to reliable boxing news website. Therefore, you will be able to get more info about this sport.


 You may find other similar websites on the internet. However, Boxingschedule is one of the best you can find. This website may be considered as a new website. But, the schedule listed on this web is very comprehensive. You will find various weigh class boxing schedule on it. Those fights are performed in various countries. Therefore, boxing fans from all around the world can get the benefits of visiting this website.

Boxingschedule is a great website. It offers many advantages to the web visitors. However, this site has some drawbacks. One of them is that it lacks of searching option. Therefore, you cannot find certain boxer fights easily. You will need to browse the schedule month by month to find your favorite boxer’s fight schedule. It is not a big problem though. The simple interface of this website will allow you to browse schedule easily. In addition, you can sort the schedule based on month. Therefore, you will be able to find important and popular fights with more ease.

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