Formosa Post encourages in depth discussion of health care in the US

New York, United States. April 6, 2016:  With more Americans suffering from different kinds of illnesses and medical conditions, it is just imperative to allot more time to the discussion of the kind of health care system that will truly benefit every stakeholder of the country. For the past years, the populace has been under the ObamaCare system, which is promoted as a system that aims to help everyone afford a high quality health care.

“During the last several years, there are stakeholders who have definitely benefited from the kind of health care system that the Obama administration designed and implemented. However, like other government policies, the program has its own set of pros and cons. We can see in the news progressive groups and individuals who have a critical view of the health care system, which could dimply that not everyone is completely benefiting from it,” said the spokesperson of the website.

The Presidential Election in the United States is completely on the roll now and it is a great opportunity and venue to engage the people about pressing issues such as health care. One worthy of note is Bernie Sanders’ proposed health care plan. Surprisingly, his Medicare for All plans is in essence a universal health care.

In his statements and as told in the news, Sanders was part of the committee the ensured the writing and passing of the Affordable Care Act, which is the core of the ObamaCare system. He praised the achievements of the act as it was able to help 17 million Americans gain access to high quality health care. However, in his campaigns for the upcoming presidential elections, he revealed, though medical care has become affordable and has become accessible to millions, there is a bigger part of the population that currently cannot afford and access health care. In one of his statements, he said that the government should spend more on its citizens because healthy citizens will bring more back to the government and the country.

“With the noteworthy points of Sanders’ universal health care proposal, we encourage Americans to express how they feel about it. Do we need a new health care system, or it would be far better to continue with the ObamaCare?” the Formosa spokesperson said further.

It should be noted that other highly industrialized and advance countries have been implementing a system of universal health care. Though the United States is currently the biggest spender on its citizens’ health, it is still not comparable to the kind of health care system that other advance countries has. More than 29 million Americans still cannot access medical care even if the ObamaCare through the Affordable Care Act has made medical and health services affordable.

Formosa Post highly encourages everyone to share their thoughts and be critical about current health care system and the proposed ones such as the one from Bernie Sanders.

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