Powerful Health Benefit of Kangen Water

Over 75 percent of human body is made out of water. It is clear that water plays important role for your body. According to the laboratory testing, Kangen water has better health benefits for your body compared to tap water that you usually consume. This type of water works like any other water. It improves the system in your body, moisturizes your skin, removes toxins out of your system, and many more. In this article, we are going to talk about its powerful health benefit. Here are some reasons why you need to consume this water instead of tap water or bottled water.

Scientists use pH on water in order to indicate that the water can be consumed or not. Water with higher pH is categorized as alkaline water. Meanwhile, water with low pH is categorized as acidic water. The pH of water is measured from 2.5 up to 9.5. The extreme pH level, whether it is high or low is not suitable for human consumption. Here is the detailed information of pH level and its suitability for daily consumption. For this information, you will be able to figure out what types of water that is safe to consume.

Water Suitability for Consumption Based on their pH

  1. pH above 11.0

Water with pH greater than 11.0 is often referred as strong Kangen water. This type of water has high alkaline. Therefore, it is often used for hygienic purposes. When it is being used for cleaning, it gives better result. Aside from cleaning fishes and vegetables, it is also able to clean the oil left in the dishes as well. Most people use this water for cleaning their kitchen. However, it can also be used for other applications such as cleaning air ventilation.

This alkaline water can also be used to remove stain in the clothes. Coffee spill is well known for its ability to stick in the clothes. Washing it by using this water allows you to get clean clothes after wards. When cleaning dishes, you probably often use detergent to help removing the oil. By using this water, you can conserve the amount of detergent used. The same goes for the water as well. Despite being useful for hygienic purposes, this water is actually not good for consumption.

  1. pH of 8.5 – 9.5

The regular Kangen water has pH ranged from 8.5 up to 9.5. It is perfectly used for cooking purposes. Therefore, you can consume this water without being worried about any side effects that might happen. When being used to prepare food, this type of water is able to get rid of strong flavor from onion. You can also soaked meats with strong smell into it for up to half hour in order to get rid of their strong smell. Some people even soak their rice into it when they want to consume delicious rice.

People uses alkaline water for many reasons, including for health reasons. This water is rich of mineral such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium, and many more in proportional amount. When you are in severe dehydration, consuming this water will give you good rehydration. As mentioned previously, water is required for your health, including for fight against dehydration.

  1. pH 7.0

Clean water is considered on its normal state if it has pH of 7.0. Such water is not categorized as either alkaline water or acidic water. Due to its balanced pH condition, it is suitable for drinking. Clean water does not have chlorine in it, which is making it healthy for daily consumption. Aside from those health benefits, clean water is also able to help you removing impurities in your body as well.

During any health treatment, you probably need to consume medication. Taking medication with clean water is highly recommended. Normal water can be easily found. Most importantly, it is rich of minerals as well. Other use of this water is for baby food. Preparing baby formula with this water allows you to get healthy baby formula.

  1. pH 6.0 – 4.0

The next type of water that we are going to talk is acidic water. It is the exact opposite of alkaline water. The pH contained in acidic water stretched from 6.0 down to 4.0. Such type of water is often used for beauty care purposes. The astringent property contained in acidic water allows you to use it on skin treatment. Facial wash using acidic water provides firm skin.

Despite being useful for your daily use, acidic water is not recommended to be used for daily consumption. That being said, acidic water still has plenty of benefits such as for hair care and bath water. Veterinarians also use acidic water to wash their pets. In cooking purposes, acidic water is used to make dried food crispier. You can also use this type of water for cooking beans.

  1. pH bellow 2.7

The last water type in this list is strong acidic water. The pH of this type of water is lower than 2.7. It is not recommended to be used for daily consumption. The amount of acidic substances contained in it makes the water cannot be consumed without causing any harm to your body. It can be easily find in your kitchen. It is often used to clean up kitchenette. Some hospitals also use powerful acidic water for sanitation purposes.

Since Kangen water is not recommended for daily consumption because in this case, strong acidic water can be used for something else. The market uses strong acidic water for nursing homes, day care center, agricultural uses, and daycare centers. During operation or surgery, surgeons often wash their scalpel with acidic water in order to kill the bacteria that might potentially expose the body from harmful disease after surgery.

As you can see from the explanation above, pH level indicates how good type of water can be consumed. As far as Kangen water is being concerned, it will help you to get healthy body due to its recommended pH condition. Consuming Kangen water regularly will help you to get healthy body.

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