XS Publishing launches new platform with ‘shocking’ 12 magazines

Opening a new innings in 2016, XS Publishing has launched its new mobile-friendly platform in London.

The concept is by the Arcadia Management Group and the photos by the famous fashion photographer Joey Shaw.

“Only a few hours after the launch of the new international campaign the image went viral,” the publishing house said.

One more time Joey Shaw decided to shoot a very young girl looking even too much sexy for some part of the audience.

Some call it shocking comparing it to the American Apparel well known campaigns in the past.

Some call it a masterpiece of the modern fashion era.

What we know so far is that the message has been sent and it’s turning out to be one of the strongest ever.

Joey Shaw is not at all new to something that the most part of the audience consider shocking.

But for  sure the messages he’s sending though with his own images are getting to destination, every time.XS_Jan_2016_480

The expectations are a lot and calling one of the most famous photographers on earth to send the message is turning out to be a great investment.

But when the investment becomes so much productive, we can only appreciate all the huge attention that is coming back from around the globe.

In the last months Mr Shaw was considered one of the most famous and well paid fashion photographers around.

Today with the launch of the new XS campaign he just answered with another extraordinary demonstration of excellent creativity.

A shy and very pretty and sexy young girl that is killing the audience.

“yes, I have sinned greatly” is the message referring that the XS Publishing is not exactly the typical publishing company.

On their servers and with their magazines they let the audience and the readers to be part of the process.

With just a fast registration everyone can upload articles, images and video, and get published in real time.

But most important everyone can do it using a mobile device, from everywhere, anytime.

A new, young and shy editorial platform looking like the girl in the campaign, with a lot of potential.


Michelle Robertson

Editorial Management