Why Vijay’s PULI Failed In Impressing His Fans

So far, Vijay’s Puli has been a disappointing flick for his fans. The first look that never showed signs of change replicating the regular plot.

Why Vijay’s PULI Failed In Impressing His Fans :

The primary look of the film, highlighting Vijay in his old-world clothing, looked unfitting with the performing artist’s haircut. The on-screen character’s haircut was very popular, and it didn’t run with the clothing that he has put on.

Why Vijay's PULI Failed In Impressing His Fans

Why Vijay’s PULI Failed In Impressing His Fans

Given that it is a period dream, the on-screen character’s in vogue hairdo and the blue lenses are destroying the enthusiasm. Likewise, the on-screen character has a striking resemblance as he did in his last motion picture. Rather than leaving the gathering of people fascinated.

Secondly, the teaser even more disappointed Vijay’s fans. A film teaser ought to suggest, or possibly deceive about, something to do with the film’s story. Be that as it may, there was no takeaway from the fifty-second long teaser of Puli.

It enveloped close-ups or mid-close-ups of the group cast in their conventional attire. There were just two things that the teaser uncovered, one – the group cast, and two – that the film is a period dream. Two things, that individual definitely knew.

The film stars Sridevi, the former leading star woman, who is making a rebound in Tamil movies following three decades. The teaser could have misused that reality, if not whatever else, and could have collected parcel of consideration. Be that as it may, it neglected to do as such.

And even the songs collection that appeared pale. For the most part, the soundtrack in Vijay’s movies have no less than a three hit numbers. Yet, Puli’s tunes were frustrating. The tunes got trolled on online networking for not conveying what was normal from them. This is a noteworthy setback for a Vijay film, since melodies assume an imperative part in the majority of his movies.