BJP To Roll Out 160 Chariots For Bihar Poll Campaign

Bharathiy Janata Party (BJP) President Amit Shah will launch the party’s campaign for the coming Assembly polls in Bihar by rolling out 160 ‘raths’ (Chariots) today which will move out in different directions and traverse the length and breadth of the state.

BJP To Roll Out 160 Chariots For Bihar Poll Campaign :

Bhupendra Yadav who is the general secretary and Bihar in-charge of BJP said, ‘BJP President Amit Shah is coming today to launch 160 raths which will embark on ‘parivartan yatra’ (a journey of change) across the state. They will go to every village and locality in the state and take our party’s audio visual messages to the people,’

Mr. Yadav said that, the raths will highlight the plight of Bihar during the ’15 year rule of RJD chief Lalu Prasad’ and how it destroyed the state. He also added that It will also focus on the seven years of progress under the NDA rule and again two-and -a-half years of chaos and conclusion.

Mr. Yadav also added, ‘Our party has made 80 lakh new members in the state. These raths with the help of NDA constituents and allies including LJP, RLSP and Hindustan Awam Morcha ‘ Secular, will reach all houses in the state and with their help reaffirm our determination to change Bihar to ensure better development and future’.

According to the information given by the party members, street plays will be staged and party leaders will work in tandem with booth-level workers to spread the message of change. Party works will also indulge in door-to-door campaign for the polls.

Mr. Yadav said that, the results of Legislative Council polls have already declared that panchayati raj representatives have put faith in BJP and its allies. Their mandate is a clear-cut indication that Bihar is progressing on the path of change. The incharge of BJP also said that PM Modi is coming on July 25 to address the gathering.