Final Moments Of Yakub Memon

Until 5 am Thursday, two hours prior to he went to the gallows on his 53rd birthday, Yakub Memon was cheerful. The staff at the Nagpur Central Jail say the 1993 Mumbai serial impacts convict was relying on pardon.

Final Moments Of  Yakub Memon :

By then, Yakub’s sibling Suleman and cousin Usman, who met him for a couple of minutes on Wednesday evening and again at night after the Supreme Court dismisses his request, had effectively surrendered.

Final Moments Of  Yakub Memon

Final Moments Of Yakub Memon

They had come back to their inn room, his words ringing in their ears: “Agar woh mujhe unimportant bhai ke gunahon ke liye sazaa de rahe hain, toh mujhe kabool hai. Standard agar unko lagta hai ki mein gunehgar hoon aur sazaa de rahe hain, toh yeh galat hai. Primary bekasoor hoon (If they are rebuffing me for the transgressions of my sibling, then I acknowledge this decision.

In any case, in the event that they are refusing me in light of the fact that they think I was blameworthy, then it isn’t right. I am pure).”

At 2 am, a constable thumped on the entryways of Suleman and Usman’s inn room. He gave a letter — it was the official suggestion of the execution planned for 7 am. In New Delhi, the Supreme Court was being opened in the dead of night to hear a last supplication for a remain focused execution.

As yet watching for news, the correctional facility staff started the procedure. At 3 am, obligation staff went to Yakub’s cell to wake him up for a shower. He was at that point up, sitting and holding up. Not more than 10 authorities — these incorporated the prison administrator, delegate director, other department director, therapeutic officer and the executioner — were available in the segment where he was to be hanged.

An official justice, deputed by the region officer, too was there, co-signatory until the very end warrant.

Yakub knew he was to be hanged when the judge identifies with him — the things that were said is still not known. Around 4 am, he was served upma for breakfast at the same time, sources said, he didn’t touch it. A birthday cake his family had sent never contacted him. He then read the Quran.

At 6.10 am, his request rejected, he was taken to the hangman’s tree. As per prison manual rules, the rope drop was settled at 7 feet. Precisely at 7 am — not a moment prior, an authority said — Yakub was hanged. The therapeutic officer professed him dead and the body was taken for post mortem. The whole execution activity was video graphed.

At 8.40 am, the body was given over to his crew. It was traveled to Mumbai on an IndiGo flight around 11 am — two correctional facility authorities, a police investigator and constable went with Suleman and Usman.