Live Worms found in Nestle Cerelac products

Huge agitation was raised regarding the packed foods in our country.The recent issue with Nestle Maggi which was brought into spot light that it contained lead in it made the citizens of india stuttle and think a while regarding purchase of packed eatables.The government had banned the maggi and made the issue was an eye opener to entire nation to be aware of the ingredients and many other factors of packed food.Recently another issue was brought into spot light.

Nestle Cerelac contains live worms in it :

Live worms were being found in Nestle Cerlac a week ago and Coimbatore city has been again rocking with another unfortunate incident making all the consumers and shoppers across the nation cautious about the live packaged food eatables. Unfortunately, live worms have been found in a packet of papad.


The alleged live worms containing packet was bought from a shop at Valiyapalayam in the city on Monday evening as per the reports of the buyer.

The buyer Anantha Raj is a resident of Coimbatore went to a shop at Valiyapalayam in the city on Monday evening to buy some papads for the dinner while he was astonished to see live worms in the packaged papad packet after returning to home.

Anantha Raj claimed that he had filed a complaint with the Food Safety officials while to the contrary Mr. R Kathiravan, Food Safety Wing Designated Officer (Coimbatore) said he had not received any complaint in this regard.

On being asked about finding out live worms in the papad packet, Aantha Raj said that he is basically from the Nilgiris, but stay at Valiyapalayam as he work as a distributor of food products in Coimbatore.

He briefly explained that bought two papad packets at around 6:45 pm on Monday from a shop near his room. He further added that When he opened a packet, live worms were found in it.

He also stated that he spoke to the representative of Dots, the company that manufacturers it. They assured that they would replace it.Nevertheless, he filed a complaint with the Food Safety officials.

Anantha Raj has conveyed that he is waiting for the results as he had sent samples of the papad to a private laboratory for tests to file a complaint with the consumer court. Alleged Papadums company, Dots Papad Makers company denied the charge of possessing the packaged packet with live worms in it.

Marketing Manager of Dots Papad Makers Sampath Kumar said that he worms were spotted only after the packets were opened and kept in a damp environment for days denying the charges against their company.

He said that Only one of the two packets has a problem. The buyer is not showing us the sample and they cannot comment on it unless he provides solid proof.After this incident another issue was brought into light that too in Coimbatore.

People were astonished with knowing that most trusted and relied from years,baby feeding Nestle cerlac has got live worms in it. With this recent issues of Nestle India Coimbatore had left people of India in an ambiguous situation.

So,people with these recent incidents,you might be knowing how cautious you should be regarding purchase of packed eatables and their ingredients.Stay tuned to our website for such eye opening incidents across our nation.we will keep updating you.