Man Killed 4 Children Got Arrested By The Police

Man Arrested For Killing Four Children: A 23 year laborer has been arrested in connection of murders of four children including his nephew and niece by Uttar Pradesh police.

Man Killed 4 Children Got Arrested By The Police :

Police officials of Uttar Pradesh said, on Wednesday that a 23-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly murdering four children, including his nephew and niece, in 2013.

Man Killed 4 Children Got Arrested By The Police

Man Killed 4 Children Got Arrested By The Police

According to the police sources Devraj, who was a brick kiln worker and resident of Hariyahera village in Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh district, has been arrested for killing the four children. The four children were identified as seven-year-old Kuldeep, Shivani, Mehndi and Tulsi, each of them aged three, had gone missing from outside the government school in Hariyahera village on May 16, 2013.

A case of kidnapping has been registered by police under POCSO Act against unknown people. Later, police announced a reward of Rs.1 lakh to solve the mystery of the missing children.

According to police, Kuldeep and Shivani were Devraj’s nephew and niece and the other two girls were Shivani’s classmates. Police officer Subhash Boken said “Devraj had some feud with his brother-in-law Satyaprakash over some petty issue. To teach Satyaprakash a lesson, he murdered Kuldeep and Shivani.”

The children were returning from school on May 16, 2013 when Devraj lured them. He took them to the foothills of Aravali range near Hariyahera village. “The accused killed the children by slitting their throats and dumped the bodies under debris there itself.”

A fortnight after the incident, Devraj along with his wife left the village. The arrest was made after the police received a call on July 28 saying that Devraj, allegedly involved in the gruesome murders of the kids, would come to Alipur village.

The police officer said “We are grilling the accused in police remand. Skeletons of the victims have been recovered.” Devraj has been arrested on Tuesday from Alipur village and was produced before the district court.