For Seven Years,US Murderer Lived Quietly In Hyderabad

For around seven years, he carried on a mysterious life as Sanjay Kumar, acting as medical transcriptionist with an outsourcing firm in Secunderabad. Till his arrest on May 11, 2014, when it developed that he was actually Muddamalle Amit Livingston, one of America’s wanted murderer.

For Seven Years,US Murderer Lived Quietly In Hyderabad :

A week ago, Livingston was sent to the US where he will oblige a 23-year jail term, just about 10 years after he conceded to kill his previous girlfriend, Hermilla Hernandez, who is a mother of three kids.
Reportedly, an Indian-American medicinal charging authority from Texas, Livingston is the child of a Chicago-based anaesthesiologist. On September 30, 2005, Livingston, then 36, had shot Hernandez with a shotgun after she allegedly let him know that she needed to end their relationship.

For Seven Years,Us Murderer Lived Quietly In Hyderabad

For Seven Years,Us Murderer Lived Quietly In Hyderabad

The body, which was dumped on a detached shoreline, was found on October 4, 2005. On February 13, 2007, Livingston was sentenced to 23 years in prison. The court, nonetheless, permitted him 60 days to put his issues all together, amid which time he vanished. He touched base in India, supposedly on a fake identification, and settled down in Hyderabad, the region where he was born.

His neighbours recollected that him as a man who minded his own business. “He fled from the US and touched base in Hyderabad in August 2007. He took rooms on rent for short-term times. In 2009, he took a, a penthouse, on rent in a loft in Madhapur Colony of Sainikpuri and was living there, subtly. His neighbors scarcely knew him and he made no endeavor to converse with anybody,” said then Inspector Prathap Kumar of Kushaiguda police headquarters who drove the attack to arrest Livingston. Prathap Kumar is presently Assistant Commissioner with Cyberabad Cyber Crimes.

“Livingston was so great at manufacturing papers that he got a PAN card, ration card and driver’s permit as Sanjay Kumar. In light of his insight into therapeutic translation he additionally secured a great job with an outsourcing firm situated in Secunderabad. He had bought several electronic devices for his work yet stayed outside of anyone’s vision,” said Prathap Kumar.

For about a year prior to his arrest, an investigation group from the US international embassy and a group from Cyberabad Police took after leads and intimations. Authorities said after they became more accustomed with knowing that he had named himself Sanjay Kumar, they kept a watch on him for a few days prior to confirming his identify.

“When we revealed his photo to the supervisor of the firm, he quickly recognized him as Sanjay Kumar… He said that he was great at his employment and generally works from home,” he said.
Livingston was then sent to the Cherlapally Central Prison. “He barely talked with anybody here. But one day, he mentioned to a fellow prisoner that a man can’t avoid himself on the off chance that he has carried out a crime and can’t get away from the law, particularly if the crime was conferred in the US. He mourned that a few individuals he knew in Hyderabad surrendered him to the powers,” said an authority.