St Petersburg metro rocked by explosion, with many casualties feared

There are multiple casualties¬†feared after St Petersburg Metro said to have an explosive device that was detonated on a train in Russian’s second largest city.

The initial reports coming in say that the blasts occured apparently at the Sennaya Ploshchad station.

The photographs in the scene are showing a metro train in the station and you can one of the set of the doors had blown out due to the explosion and people with casualties on the ground.

We bring you out the updates of the various news agencies that are reporting from the location to the entire world. We have gathered a few inputs for our readers.

russian metro blast

According to the news agency, Tass, 10 people had died and at least 20 were injured in the blast, but the figures are not yet verified immediately. An eyewitness said that people started panicking when the smoke started to start pouring out of the carriages.

Update: Andrey Kibitov, the head of the city governern’s press service tweeted fifty people were infured in the blasts.

Another news agency, Interfax stated that teh law enforcement sources claimed the blast was due to an explosive material which was placed in the carriage.


With the immediate effect, all the metro stations have been closed, reported Interfax, citing its metro staff.

Live stream reporting on the Russian website Life News stated there had been another couple of more explosions around 2:30PM local time. The live video shows a huge crowd at the entrance street level waiting, including fire engines and police vehicles.

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin was informed about the blast, according to his spokesman, Dimitry Peskov.

Putin, who was ahead to meet with the Belarus President, Alexander Lukashenko in St. Petersburg, expressed his condolences to the victims.

He added that it is “too early to say” on what caused the blast, but said it cound be a “criminal or terrorist” activity. Puting stated he had already spoken with the director of the FSB secutiy services and the law enforcement agencies.

Chechen militants have always targeted Russia in the past years and have threatened for further attacks. An official from Moscow was quoted by The Telegraph saying Mosocw Metro is ready to provide any assistance to St Petersburg Metro if needed.

Keeping watching the space for more updates on the incident.