Banking sector starts using JAL Firewall

Days after JAL Firewall security product developed by Xploit Infotech Limited was launched to prevents D-DOS attacks , bruteforce , sql Injection, scanning UrRL, XXS ,Lfi Rfi, it is now being used in the banking sector, says the company.

The world’s first firewall which will make safe itself and change code itself as per attack It has partial artificial intelligence so it will work like human and can be in used so many languages.


It has three-layer of security with unique programming and full monitoring system is made in such a way that it can be used to secure websites, mobile Apps, desktop apps, CRM software, server and so many others. It will be applied to all IT products of government or private sector to make it more safe, sound and steadfast.

CEO Ketan Ramshawala and Manish M Sharma said the firewall took 1.5 year to developed and 6 month to do testing. More than 16 engineers work for 24/7 day and night.

The company would soon be releasing the official video of all the detail.