Expert Guide to Choose Perfect Studio Headphones

One way to describe the experience of purchasing surround sound headphones is confusing. Selecting one of numerous headphones available in the market is definitely something that cannot be taken lightly. Headphones these days come in different variation from styles and features. The manufacturers produce their distinctive brand series. It gives more complication to select the suitable headphones. Moreover, overwhelming products available in the market gives fear to people who have little knowledge about headphones. In this article, we will talk about types of headphones. It will allow you to select the one that suits to your needs easily. You will be able to determine which one you want to purchase without any hesitation.

In general, headphones are categorized in three different styles. Supra aural and circumaural are two famous types. The third types that we are not going to discuss here is the one with terrible ear bud. Such type of headphone has low quality. It is not included as studio headphones for professional purposes. The latter types also have the worse ear holes that might not fit into the ear properly. Therefore, it is highly not suggested to purchase one of them. You do not need such headphone. Instead of discussing bad quality headphone, we will discuss two previous types.

Supra aural type is called in many names, including on-ear headphones. It rarely used in professional uses since it does not isolate completely outside noise. The ear pad are design so that it still able to channel the noise from it to your surroundings. A person next to you might still be able to hear it slightly. If you want surround sound headphones, this type will be suitable for you need. Despite not completely block the background noise, most people prefer this particular type mainly due to its less overheating risk. For people who want to use headphone without ignoring what happens around them, this type of headphone is highly recommended.


The other type of headphones is circumaural types. It has similar design with previous type. The only thing makes it different is its soundproof seal. As the name suggest, this feature seals completely the surrounding noise. The sound from headset will not escape the ear pads. Those ear pads channel the sound directly to user ears. It gives better sound perception. Due to its ability, this type of headphones is highly recommended as studio headphones on professional use. People who work on music industries or other job that relies on audio aspect are recommended to use this type as well.

Based on the description and function of headphone cups, this audio equipment is divided into three types. Open back, closed back, and semi open are types of headphone on this category. The open back type allows the sound escape from its headphone cups. It works the other way by letting the surrounding noise to penetrate the cup. The sound perceive by user is more natural. Depending on what listeners play, the sound might be enjoyable by people around them as it is by user. In order to let the sound escape out, the headphone cups featured small holes. For those of you who are looking for gaming headset, this type is not recommended. The sound from video game might be enjoyable for you and bring realistic experience from gaming. However, people next to you might feel disturbed.

The second type of headphone based on its cups design is closed back type. From the name of this type, you might already guess that it has the exact opposite feature of the previous type. The cup design does not let the sound to escape. It also works the other way around by canceling background noise. Therefore, it is recommended for professional use and people who need headphones for gaming purposes. Since the cups is design to channel the noise on user ears, it will not disturb the people around the user by noise gaming sound. The third type is called as semi open type. It is combination of both previous types.

What people consider a perfect headphone might not considered as a good one by other people. It happens because the difference need they have. Before purchasing a headphone, it is important to select it based on your need. Each type of headphones has their own function. The gaming headset will need several requirements compared to headphone for professional use.

People who work at music industry have different needs for surround sound headphones. Singers who want to do a good performance need to have enough knowledge of their own voice. At the same time, when singing on stage, they also need to be aware of their audience. Therefore, open back headphones are the best type for their need. Meanwhile, musicians such as guitarist for example, need closed back headphones. Such professions want their music to be heard perfectly as they produce it. It is also important so that they can hear the music from their instrument, particularly when they do not want any distractions from sound around them.

The needs of studio headphones for solo producers are different from most of other people who deal with audio aspect. Semi open headphones are recommended for their needs. It is crucial for solo producers to be able to hear perfectly the sound from their production. At the same time, such headphones type will also able to prevent outside noise mixed with the sound produced by them.

Besides the headphone types, it is also important to have good system of sound distribution. This system is needed especially if you want several listeners to hear the same sound simultaneously. The sound distribution system needs to be connected with several headphones. The same feature is added on language education where instructor plays particular sound for its students. Such sound distribution system is not needed if you need gaming headset when you only need to hear the sound individually. It is recommended to invest on both closed back headphone type and open back headphone. This will allow you to get what you need regardless your purpose of using it.