Bucks Me kills PPC ad bidding

Bucksme.com on August 18, 2015, launched a new PPC advertising network that no longer requires advertisers to ‘bid’ on keywords.

Google AdWords might well be king of the hill in PPC contextual advertising but things are about to change with the launch of Bucksme.com as it eradicates the need to bid on keywords.

AdGooroo.com recently released a report which revealed that during the periods 2012 and 2014 the average cost per click on the Google AdWords platform rose by a staggering 40%; the increase being directly attributed to competitive keyword bidding.

Bucksme.com founder, Graham Briar, states his company has recognized that bidding on keywords achieves nothing more than adding to the profits of the ad networks.

“With Bucksme.com, ad positioning is not determined by how much the advertiser is willing to pay us but rather the discounts they are prepared to offer their potential customers.

The result is a system that significantly reduces ad costs and increases conversion rates due to consumers being presented with highly attractive offers.

Bucksme.com provides a tangible alternative to the traditional PPC advertising model and one that allows advertisers to target buying consumers.” Graham Briar, Founder, Bucksme.com

There is sufficient evidence to suggest that PPC ad rates continue to rise and Bucksme.com has addressed this issue by eradicating the need for advertisers to bid against one another, saving the advertiser both time and money.

Advertisers do not inherently utilize any one particular ad network but rather a mixture in order reach different audiences.

Certainly what Bucksme.com provides is a strong contender and one that will help advertisers reduce ad costs and reach a unique audience of buyers.

This new startup advertising portal is built around a social media and search platform that allows consumers to find a bargain whilst providing an advertising network that reduces advertising costs and provides a route for advertisers to build customer loyalty.