Tech giant Apple unveiled the new version iOS 9 for the iPhone and iPad users

Finally the wait is over! Yesterday night, THE TECH GAINT ‘Apple Company’ has hosted the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The Worldwide Developer Conference is the platform where Apple Company reveals new software efforts for their luxury products iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Going past the memory lane, in the previous year, Apple Company revealed the swift software.

Apple unveiled the complete new features of iOS 9 version:

Apple has surely surprised people with new features and shot-cuts for their iPhones and iPads with its biggest software update, i.e. iOS 9. The new software update from apple has focused on stability, Apple Maps and security with ability to smoothly run, even on older iPhones and iPads.


Reportedly, iOS 9 will support iPhone 4S and above gadgets, iPad 2 and above, all iPad mini models, and coming to iPod, iOS 9 can be supported only by iPod touch fifth-generation.A good news for all the iPad users, who expected a new split screen interface for their iPads which means they can operate one app alongside another at the same time.

By updating your iPad (iPad Air 2, Air, mini 3 and mini 2) to iOS9, it finally gets the much-needed support for multiple apps which allow the iPad users to operate open two apps via drag-and-drop in 50:50 or 70:30 format.

Apple maps on iOS9 are well and truly developed that it will show ‘multi-modal routing’. Yesterday night, Apple claimed that Apple maps, which were used 3.5 times more on iOS than any other mapping app like Google Maps, will now get transit directions. Restaurant or Stores that support Apple pay will be shown on Location card in Apple Maps.
Apple gadgets that were updated to iOS9 will now have a new low-power mode which provides an additional 3 hours of battery life.Apple’s Siri has been improved. The new improved Siri may look more like the version that appears on the Apple Watch.

The Siri version on apple watch is able to communicate with other Apple apps such as Passbook, Calendar, and Spotlight search. With the update of iOS 9, Apple’s Siri goes ‘Proactive’.

Apple news has been initiated on iOS9, which provide personalized content to users. The Apple News apps will collect content only from recommended sources that the user wishes, will also customize the content into its own format for “beautiful” presentation.

Users can also find an Explore tab featuring recommended topics and publications. Apple news will be initially tested out in US, UK and Australia initially. Apple has also renamed its Passbook app to Wallet.

Apple also promised that its introduced mobile payments platform Apple Pay will be available in the UK starting July. Reportedly, Apple had got support from eight more banks.

Just like in Samsung’s S Note, iOS 9 users can now draw in the NOTES app, make checklists and add photos.For the previous update iOS 8, Apple had received a lot of complaints as iOS 8 update is taking up too much space for installing the files. Apple now with its iOS9 software update has reduced the free space needed for installing OS from 4.6GB to 1.8GB. Now, iOS 9 software update acquires only a free space of 1.8GB to get installed.