Rated by Locals: Best Sports Betting Sites in Turkey

Sports betting in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular among locals and international punters. It hosts some of the best Turkish bookmakers and gambling websites for sports enthusiasts from all around the world to bet on their favorite teams or players.

In this blog post, you will get a detailed overview of the top 10 sports betting sites in Turkey that offer secure, reliable, and exciting wagering experiences backed up with innovative bonus campaigns.

We’ll also discuss the history of online sports betting in Turkey, the current legal perspective, and frequently asked questions that relate to online betting sites that operate within Turkey’s jurisdiction so that you can identify your perfect fit as a bettor.

Looking forward to getting into detail about where you should be placing all your bets?

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is Sports Betting Legal in Turkey?

Regulated and licensed sports betting is allowed in Turkey, but only through the state-owned IDDAA website. There is still ambiguity about the legal status of online betting with foreign operators. The regulatory environment remains unstable.

Gambling and betting activities were banned in the country in 1998 under a law that prohibited games of chance and betting houses. This ban covered casinos, lotteries, slot machines, and sports betting of all kinds. The ban was strictly enforced, and Turkey did not have any legal sports betting until 2008.

In 2008, Turkey passed a new law which allowed sports betting under a licensing regime. This opened up opportunities for international bookmakers like Bwin and Betsson to start offering online sports betting in Turkey under regulation. However, in 2011, the government decided to make another U-turn and banned all online betting activities. This forced licensed operators to withdraw from the market.

The ban on online sports betting remained in force until 2016, when the regulatory framework was changed again to allow licensed online betting. This time, the authorities established a state-owned and state-run betting company called IDDAA. This is currently the only legal sports betting operator in Turkey. All other local and foreign bookmakers status remain unknown. So we recommend IDDAA for sports betting in Turkey.

What is the best betting site in Turkey?

The most established sportsbook in Turkey is IDDAA, one of Europe’s leading online books currently operating within Turkish borders. According to recent surveys by respected industry sources, IDDAA holds more than 90 percent of the total online domestic sports wagering market share in Turkey.

The other licensed Turkish bookies include Birebin, Nesine, Oley, Bilyoner, Misli and Tuttur, all of which offer various types of betting options as well as bonuses or promotional offers for new players.

Iddaa remains a favorite among bettors in Turkey based on its excellent user experience, while Bilyoner ranks second due to unique features like cashouts and several payment methods supported at their site.

1. IDDAA.Com Review

For those residing in Turkey, one name stands out among the rest: IDDAA. As a sports betting website that has captured the attention of avid sports fans and punters alike. IDDAA offers a unique and exhilarating experience.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Www.IDDAA.Com and explore what makes it one of the best sports betting websites in Turkey.

Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just curious about the world of online sports betting, join us as we delve into the exciting realm of IDDAA and discover what sets it apart from the competition.

IDDAA Review
IDDAA.Com User Interface

IDDAA User Interface and Mobile App

Iddaa.com offers an easy-to-navigate user interface, making it accessible for users of various experience levels. While the website is predominantly in Turkish, it offers a decent translation for users who prefer other languages. Non-Turkish bettors can still conveniently utilize the platform’s services. As for mobile betting, Iddaa.com does not currently have a dedicated mobile app; however, the site is mobile-friendly and works well on mobile browsers.

Betting Options and Markets available on IDDAA.Com

Iddaa provides a variety of betting options for users, covering a range of sports, including football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, hockey, handball, and Olympic events. Their pre-match and in-game wagers cater to both casual bettors and more experienced enthusiasts. Although the selection of sports may seem limited in comparison to larger online bookmakers, Iddaa still manages to satisfy its users’ needs by expanding its betting markets during major sports events.

Streaming and Live Betting on IDDAA.Com

While Iddaa does not currently offer live streaming of events, it does provide in-game betting options for users interested in wagering on live sports. This allows bettors to place bets as events unfold, increasing excitement and engagement for users who prefer this type of betting.

Payment Options and Financial Security

Iddaa.com provides a secure payment system for users to deposit and withdraw funds with ease. However, the website has room for improvement in terms of the number of available payment options. The platform’s security measures ensure that users’ financial information remains safe, making it a reliable choice for bettors.

Iddaa Licensing and Regulation

The Spor Toto Organization Presidency has licensed and regulated Iddaa, ensuring that users can place bets on their website with confidence. This licensure offers bettors the assurance that the website is legitimate and follows industry-standard practices.

Iddaa Customer Support and Response

Iddaa has a customer support team available to assist users when they encounter any issues while using the platform. Although the platform does not currently offer a live chat feature, their support can still be contacted through email or phone. The customer support team is responsive, helping users efficiently address their concerns.

All these features make IDDAA our top pick for the best sports betting website in Turkiye.

2. Nesine Review

Nesine.com is a popular Turkish online sports betting and national lottery website. It offers a simple and easy-to-use betting platform with excellent coverage of football, allowing people to bet on their favorite teams or games with ease.

Birebin Review
Birebin.Com Interface

Nesine.com, founded in 2006, has been widely praised as one of the best betting sites in Turkey due to its comprehensive range of features when it comes to sports bets. Furthermore, it holds an official association with the country’s national lottery administration which makes it more reliable for players compared to other betting websites operating within Turkey’s borders without any regulatory oversight from an authoritative body.

Users of Nesine can place bets primarily on horse races, but they also have a wide range of options for football bets, including wagers like first goal scorers and last team scores, among many others.

The platform also includes raffles, which spice up their offerings and make them stand out even more among competitors that only focus on certain aspects or events like football matches between various clubs from different leagues around the world.

The mobile app version, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, enables convenient gaming experiences while you are away from your home computer screen and ensures that players can access matches whenever they want, anywhere, and all day long.

In short, Nesine has good reputation along with reasonable odds when placing any kind of online sports betting wager, thus attracting many devoted users since its establishment back in 2006, providing safe atmosphere for those who look forward entertainment through indulging into online gambling activities amidst great uncertainty brought about by Covid pandemic that led authorities worldwide to close down physical gaming venues :(

3. Birebin Review

Birebin is one of the top-rated bookmakers for Turkish bettors. Turkey‘s government issues licenses and controls it there. This provides a secure betting environment as well as multiple payment methods to facilitate deposits and withdrawals.

Birebin also offers competitive odds across both domestic and international betting events including football, basketball and tennis.

Additionally, a wide range of bet types are available on Birebin such as live betting, accumulator bets (multiples) or outrights (prediction markets). There are often accelerated last minute payouts which maximise return rates for successful bettors too making it an attractive platform among punters in Turkey.

What’s more it has stood the test of time with a significant track record when it comes to customer service reliability and security measures across its play site settings ensuring trustworthiness amongst its members in addition to having other comprehensive guiding toolkits for responsible gaming practices so that players can rest assured about their gambling activities being lawful yet thrilling at the same time!

4. Oley Review

Oley Review is an online platform that offers reviews and ratings of sports betting sites around the world, with a specific focus on Turkey. It holds the license required for Turkish bettors as well as international players from other countries, such as the United States.

Oleybet, one of their reviewed platforms, provides bettors various betting options including sports, live betting, virtual sports, e-sports events, casino games and entertainment offerings.

They also provide coverage on the most popular bookies in Turkey ranging from Nesine to Birebin along with everything currently available in terms of betting options such as categories that span across horse racing and financial wagers among many others that encompass virtually all kinds of gambling activities.

Each website has its own review encompassing all relevant information making it easier for viewers to compare different sites before deciding where they’ll place their bets – ultimately helping them make smarter decisions when it comes to funding via gaming ventures.

5. Bilyoner Review

Bilyoner is the third biggest bookmaker in Turkey and has obtained and holds a license for online sports betting. It is an online betting platform with a wide range of betting options available to players.

The website receives over 150,000 visitors, credible enough to trust its reputation among players. Numerous customers who are pleased with Bilyoner’s services and offerings have given it positive reviews. It also offers competitive rates compared to other gambling platforms in Turkey, such as Nesine, Tuttur, Misli, Oley, Birebin, etc. As per user reviews regarding their deposit process, it shows that they offer ease of use, with secure deposits like debit and credit cards or bank transfers being instantly processed without any additional fees.

They provide excellent customer service via email or live chat, including help on various topics such as account management or requested changes within the profile itself. In conclusion, Bilyoner offers an extensive selection of sports along with some special features designed to reward loyalty while providing entertaining opportunities through their digital games too. They are a top choice for Turkish bettors due to all of this and their friendly customer service staff.

6. Misli Review

Misli.com is one of the leading betting sites in Turkey, ensuring an enjoyable online gambling experience to users with its secure and comfortable environment. In addition to the wide selection of sports events available for betting purposes, Misli also offers attractive bonuses and promotions to help you get more out of your investment.

Moreover, it prides itself on fast payments without any hidden fees or delays — you can expect your winnings quickly once the game has finished.

Furthermore, Misli guarantees superior customer support through email and telephone service that are both professional and friendly at all times. With their helpful staff always glad to assist customers.with queries ranging from opening account information up until withdrawing winnings as well as anything else they may need beyond these services — this is why many choose Misli above other competitors when it comes to context-related needs within sports betting websites operating in Turkey today .

7. Tuttur Review

Tuttur is one of the best-known betting sites in Turkey, with an average daily user count of around 100,000. It offers a range of sportsbooks and casino games, such as live casinos, bingo, poker and more, all conveniently available via its mobile app for on-the-go betting on specific matches.

The main attraction to Tuttur lies in its attractive welcome bonuses that are offered when signing up as a new user. There is also a clear navigation menu where users can find their desired sports and betting odds quickly without any fuss due to well laid out section headings making it problem free for even those who may be unfamiliar with wagering mechanics or bookmaking activities.

The ratings provided by former customers speak highly regarding the professionalism of the site while also providing some assurance to newcomers considering registering an account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Turkish sports betting.

History of Sports Betting in Turkey

Sports-based betting games, such as Spor Toto, have a long and storied history in Turkey that stretches back over fifty years. The Turkish Jockey Club officially operates the hooked sports betting game known as Ganyan with authorized dealers all across the country.

Land- based casino gambling was legalized in 1983 after being prohibited for many years, although participation by Turkish citizens was still strictly forbidden. In recent years however, Internet gaming operations have been established which accept bets from gamers of any nationality across the board.

Iddaa, Bilyoner and Tuttur are three of the largest authorized sites that allow online wagerers to partake in legally operated betting games within Turkey’s borders. Fascinatingly enough, these web-based applications are where most of the revenue from this digital brand of sports wagering comes from, with an incredible estimate reaching nearly 244 million USD just last year alone! Not only does this document show interesting growth in terms of economic growth, but it also speaks to football’s strong presence within Turkey’s sporting sector and its importance to culture, which continues throughout even today’s modern age due to its influence on politics so often found amongst local affairs.

Legal Perspective of Online Sports Betting in Turkey

Situated in both Europe and Asia,Turkey is a country with a rich history and culture. Recently, the landscape for online sports betting has rapidly changed when it comes to legal status, as the Turkish government passed “Law Regarding Football and Other Sports Betting,” simply known as Law No.

492 in 2011. According to this law, anyone may place bets online through registered foreign sites or approved websites like Nesine, Birebin, Oley, Bilyoner, and Tuttur as long as they have the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs’ approval.

It is essential to note that all participants must be at least 18 years old before being allowed to join an online sportsbook in Turkey.

Turkey’s regulations on gambling establishments are strict but clear-cut; anyone who operates outside of these laws will suffer consequences. Promoting any illicit forms of gambling or advertising any form of illegal sports betting could be subjected to criminal charges under Article 30/1a, which states an imposed fine ranging from 1% to 5% on gross income generated from such activities. The new set-up also enforces compliance among operators, which includes licensing requirements along with fair gaming provisions while playing different casino games offered online.

Future offenders may face additional penalties including heavy fines , withdrawal of business licenses issued more then one year ago or even more serious punishments depending on the severity thus making sure none dare violate Turkish gambling regulations .


In conclusion, the Turkish online sports betting market has grown significantly over the past few years, and as a result, there are now plenty of reliable and trustworthy betting sites available for bettors in Turkey.

The best gambling site is 1xBet, which offers an unbeatable selection of betting promotions, extensive coverage across all major sports, and competitive odds. Other top-ranked Turkish bookies include Betwinner with its lucrative bonus campaigns, Bilyoner with its live streaming feature and easy deposits and withdrawals options in lira, Nesine with the most generous loyalty program amongst all other providers, and Tuttur with its fast withdrawal times.

All these platforms provide secure access to international sporting events alongside useful tools for placing bets on domestic leagues. With so many great sportsbooks at your disposal, it’s never been easier to make winning wagers, no matter where you’re from!

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