Effective Methods for Calculating Football Bets: Insights From Seasoned Players

Understanding how to calculate football odds is essential for anyone engaged in sports betting. Are you familiar with this technique? Let’s delve into valuable betting tips in the following article.

To calculate soccer odds, we will explore the computation of European odds, Asian odds, and over/under odds.

Explaining the computation of European football odds

The 1X2 format, which offers players three distinct options—the first team’s victory, the second team’s victory, or a draw between the two teams—represents the European handicap. Players must then select the odds for one of these three options.

Here’s an illustrative example to help players grasp the concept:

When observing the England vs. Panama match, it’s evident that the teams’ strengths are vastly different. Consequently, the odds will vary. If you opt for Panama’s victory (team 2), the payout ratio will be 21 times your initial wager. In the event of a draw, the odds for winning would be 7.00.

Exploring Asian Soccer Odds Calculation 

Asian football handicaps, are quite familiar to soccer bettors. Unlike European odds, Asian soccer odds do not account for draws. Instead, you’ll find only upper and lower handicaps. Therefore, players must select one of the two teams to win.

The upper handicap is a form of betting in which the team with greater strength is favored, and this team must overcome a specified goal handicap, referred to as the odds. To illustrate, let’s consider the match between England and Panama, with odds listed as 0:1 ½. This means that England is handicapped by one and a half goals against Panama.

Recording Asian football odds is akin to keeping score. By using this method, players can envision that Panama starts the match with a lead of one and a half goals.

Calculating Over/Under Betting Odds in Soccer 

Over/under betting focuses on the total number of goals scored in a match, regardless of which team wins or loses. For instance, if the bookmakers provide odds denoted as X, choosing “Over” means you’re betting on the total goals scored in the match being greater than X. If the actual number of goals matches X precisely, both bets will result in a payout.

Soccer Over/Under Betting Odds

Let’s examine the Over/Under odds for the Nigeria vs. Argentina match, set at 2.5, 3 (equivalent to 2.75). The calculation here resembles the approach used in calculating Asian football odds, as outlined below:

  • If the total number of goals in the entire match is 3, the “Over” bet will result in a half-payout, while the “Under” bet will incur a half-loss.
  • In the event that the total goals in the match reach 4 or more, the “Over” bet will win at odds of x2.04, and the “Under” bet will lose entirely.
  • When the total goals in the entire match are 2 or fewer, the “Over” bet will be unsuccessful, while the “Under” bet will succeed with a payout of x1.86.

Other Over/Under Scenarios:

  • If the Over/Under odds are set at 2, the match’s total goals must surpass 2 for an “over” bet to win, whereas an “under” bet will succeed if there are fewer than 2 goals.
  • In the case of Over/Under odds at 2, 2.5, an “Over” bet requires more than 3 goals to win. If there are exactly 2 goals, the bet results in a half-win. On the other hand, an “Under” bet will be successful if there are less than 2 goals, and a half-win if exactly 2 goals are scored.
  • With Over/Under odds of 2.5, an “over” bet necessitates more than 3 goals to secure a win. If there are three or fewer goals, the bet will be a loss. An “under” bet, on the other hand, will be victorious if there are two goals or less.

The above information provides an introduction to fundamental football betting methods. We trust that this knowledge will facilitate your participation in soccer betting games. Best of luck!

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