Hema Malini Met With An Accident And Made Father Of Child Accountable Who Died In Accident

The Bollywood actress and the member of the parliament of BJP Hema malini met with an accident. And after the accident she tweeted blaming the father of the child who died in the accident. She made the father of the child accountable when her car rammed into a Maruti Alto.

Hema Malini Met With An Accident And Made Father Of Child Accountable Who Died In Accident:

A two year old girl named Sonam died after Hema Malini?s Merceded rammed into a Alto at the Lalsot bypass last week on the Highway. In Alto there were five people. One man, two woman and two children at the time of the accident. But one child named Sonam of two years died and the remaining victims suffered serious injuries. The father of Sonam earlier alleged that her daughter would have been saved if she was taken to the hospital along with the actress immediately after the major crash in Rajasthan?s Dausa district.

Complete Details Of Hema Malini's Accident
According to the records the actress Hema Malini who was seated in the back seat of her Mercedes suffered Nasal fractured and also injuries on her forehead, cheeks and legs aswell. The actress was immediately rushed to the fortis Hospital in Jaipur where doctors conducted a CT scan and administered stitches on her wounds.
After the treatment the actress was asked to give the statement regarding the accident. The actor tweeted ?My heart goes out to the child who unnecessarily lost her life and the family members who have been injured in the accident. How I wish the girl?s father had followed the traffic rules, then this accident could have been averted and the ill one?s life safe?
The condition of the actor Hema Malini is getting better. And she states that the main reason for the accident was only the recklessness of the child?s father who died in the accident. If he had followed the traffic rules they would be in a good condition.