Best Cellular Security Cameras

Technology has become an increasingly important part of our everyday lives. Crime is more likely to occur because of this growing reliance on technology. Online robberies and harassment have made many people seek additional security.

These days, security systems are not as expensive. Using a cellular security camera, you can monitor what’s happening inside and outside of your home without monthly fees. The cutting-edge technology allows you to view live footage of your house wherever you are through the Internet, which connects directly to your mobile device. Monitor your house while you’re away without spending hundreds of dollars a month!

In this article, I will explain why using a cellular security camera can be so valuable. Additionally, I will discuss a few types of models that you can use to make your choice.

Best Home Security Cellular Camera

Security cameras for cellular networks are becoming increasingly popular. Check out our review of what to look for when looking for the best cellular camera.

1. Reolink Cellular Security Camera

Reolink Go is a battery-operated 4G LTE security camera. Reolink Go comes with a 100% Wire-Free SIM card to stay in touch with your home and business no matter where you are.

IP65 Weatherproof

With IP65 weatherproof certification, Reolink Go is always ready for any extreme weather condition. No matter what the weather is. Thanks to the large battery capacity, you will never have to replace the battery frequently. Multiple charging options are provided by the 5V 2A power adapter or the Reolink solar panel.

Enhanced Color Night Vision

Lets you watch your home in full HD. It has a CMOS sensor and six 850nm infrared LEDs, delivering crisp and vivid videos in low-light situations even as far as 33 feet away. A 110° wide field of vision ensures more excellent coverage and visibility. Protect your family and business with Reolink Go.

Compatible With Smart Home

Intelligent home security cameras make it easy to use them. Using your smart device, you can see the live feed from your front door camera, who’s at the door, and how your baby is doing with an audio command.

2. IEGeek WiFi Security Camera

IEGeek WiFi security camera will be the right choice for you if you are searching for a professional, reliable, and simple-to-operate WiFi surveillance camera.

The WiFi Camera from IEGeek features motion detection technology that will only record when motion is detected. Using it, you can watch what’s happening at home or work while you’re away via your phone or computer. This camera also provides a night vision range of 35 feet in total darkness.

Remotely Control Horizontal & Vertical Rotation

The app supports the camera’s rotation remotely by using its PTZ function. Using this feature, the camera can be rotated vertically or horizontally.

1080P FHD 49ft Vision

You will be able to enjoy high-resolution 1080P FHD images all day long with the 1/3CMOS Color Sensor and 3.6mm lens.

4x Digital Zoom

The camera features only digital zoom, not optical zoom. It is possible to zoom in on the shot scene, but the sharpness will diminish. It is sufficient for daily monitoring.

This product value range contains the highest quality digital zoom lens available.


3. Eufy Wireless Home Security System Camera

You can monitor the things that matter to you 24/7/365 with the EufyCam and HomeBase included in the Eufy Wireless Home Security Camera System.

Smart Image Enhancement

You’ll have a clearer, brighter view of your subjects. An AI-powered camera recognizes and focuses on human subjects.

Turn Night into Day

A built-in spotlight illuminates the surrounding areas and gives you clear, colorful images even in dim light. An infrared setting is also available.

Smart Detection Zones

Enable customization of the areas in which motion is detected. You can customize the zone so that you only receive alerts about things you care about.


4. COOAU Outdoor Security Camera

You can protect your home at all times with the COOAU Outdoor Security Camera. Whether it’s raining or shining, this camera records 1080p HD video. With night vision, you will be able to see 100 feet in low light conditions.

100% Wire-Free and Easy Installation

There are no wires or power cords to worry about with this wireless solar camera, and no technical know-how is required to set it up.

Non-stop Power Supply

With a built-in 15000 mAh rechargeable battery and solar panel, the COOAU solar outdoor camera can work all year long without charging.

1080P FHD and 65ft Night vision

A COOAU camera for home security boasts a SONY sensor and the latest high-end chip to produce clear images both during the day and at night. A remote viewer allows you to view high-definition video from anywhere in real time.

In dim environments, the wireless outdoor camera will automatically turn on 4 infrared LED lights to provide you with a clear night view within 65ft of the camera.


5. Luovisee Wireless Solar Home Security Camera

A great option for those seeking an affordable, hassle-free way to keep their homes and families safe is the Luovisee Wireless Solar Home Security Camera. This camera is ideal for anyone who struggles with having to recharge the camera every day or two. This device is solar-powered, which eliminates the need for a cable and charger!

2-Way Audio

An Apple-inspired 1080p camera with a built-in microphone and speaker allows you to speak with visitors at your doorstep via your smartphone through a two-way intercom. Additionally to providing HD videos on both your phone and television, it provides motion detection alerts, so you can view live feeds or recorded videos whenever you like.

Auto Spotlight

Complete your smart home with smart security. A standard camera cannot replace this smart system. In addition to a powerful floodlight and siren, it features a bright, color night vision system. A motion-activated floodlight and a built-in siren with a push notification will scare away intruders when motion is detected.


6. Zmodo Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

A variety of features are available on the Zmodo Outdoor WiFi Camera, including 1080p HD video, 65-foot night vision, motion alerts, and optional cloud recording so you are always in the loop. Wireless security cameras like this one can be mounted on walls or ceilings easily.

IP65 Weatherproof

You and your loved ones are protected 24 hours a day by Zmodo, your new security cam. You will be notified of any suspicious activity directly to your smartphone with the weatherproof camera. The powerful night vision sensors on Zmodo allow you to monitor things as night falls. With this indoor & outdoor camera, you can watch over every inch of your sanctuary in any season.

Customized Motion Detection Area

You’ll never miss an important moment with the remote cloud recording feature. You’ll receive motion alerts immediately via email or SMS for free. As well as customizing the motion detection zone, you can set up surveillance zones around key points such as the gate, front door, back door, or windows.

Adjustable Night Vision Sensitivity

Allows the device to automatically alternate between daytime and nighttime modes. When the infrared sensor is set to low sensitivity, the automatic transition from night to day can be delayed or shortened. During low-light conditions, for example, RGB streaming can still be viewed.


7. Loosafe Cellular 4G LTE Outdoor Security Camera

With the Loosafe Cellular 4G LTE Outdoor Security Camera, you can protect your home and family from invasion, vandalism, and if necessary call the police, fire department, or ambulance. With Smart Home, you will receive real-time push notifications, sirens, motion detectors, video recording to SD Card, and Cloud Storage for 30 days. Subscribers can watch live video anytime via mobile apps or PC browsers.

Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

Featuring a 355° horizontal and 100° vertical rotation range, this versatile home security camera covers more than just standard viewing angles. With its 4x digital zoom, you can view the entire scene clearly.

2-Way Audio Anytime Anywhere

The cell security camera lets you watch your home at any time. It features HD live streaming and 2-way audio, so you won’t miss anything. A mobile app lets you view all the footage from your cameras wherever you are. With this innovative outdoor security camera, you can stay connected no matter what the weather.

1080P Full HD Night Vision

With this advanced security camera, you can protect your home and privacy. You’ll always be able to see details in the dark with this HD 1920x1080p high-resolution camera, which features a 110° wide field of vision and high resolution images.

Buying Guide For Best Cellular 4G LTE Security Cameras

Cellular security cameras have become increasingly popular because they’re easy to use, and you don’t need to run cables all over your home to install them.

In addition, these cameras use 4G LTE technology to send you alarms, videos, and photos whenever a threat is detected. The majority of countries offer 4G LTE service, with a few exceptions.

Therefore, selecting the best cellular security camera can be difficult since they all appear to offer similar features. Cellular security cameras do not all offer the same features, however. When making an informed choice, you need to pay attention to specific features.

When choosing a 4G LTE security camera, you should consider the following features:

1. Design

Cellular security cameras come in a variety of designs. There are some that are relatively small, while others look more like traditional cameras. Before choosing a security camera, you must consider the size of your home and the best places to install it.

You can choose a small camera that’s easy to hide if you want to monitor your house. A larger camera that can capture more detail can be more suitable for monitoring a large area, like an office or backyard.

2. Battery Life

A cellular security camera’s battery life is another thing to consider. The batteries found in most current models can last up to 3-6 months without recharging.

Some 4G LTE security cameras can continuously record video or send snapshots without recharging over their lifespan. Some recorders let you set the interval between recordings, which helps them conserve power and last longer. Before purchasing any model, it’s crucial to check its battery life.

3. Image Quality

If you want to see faces clearly in case of a threat, the image quality of a cellular security camera is crucial.

There are a lot of cameras that offer HD quality, but it’s important to get one with a high resolution like 1080p or higher.

4. Night Vision

Most crimes occur during the night, so having a 4G LTE security camera with night vision is important.

Infrared technology allows wireless security cameras to see up to 50 feet in total darkness, thanks to night vision capabilities.

5. Field of View

Using the 4G LTE surveillance camera, the screen size determines the amount of information you can view at once. Others can rotate and tilt remotely to cover multiple areas at the same time. Some cameras offer a larger field of view than others.

6. Two-Way Audio

A mobile app on your smartphone or tablet lets you talk in real time with anyone who is near your 4G LTE security camera. When you are away from home, you can keep an eye on your pets and warn intruders.

7. Cellular connectivity

An internet connection using 4G LTE is necessary for the camera. It would be best if the camera could connect to more carriers. As long as there is 4G LTE, you can use the camera anywhere.

8. Motion detection and alerts

A motion sensor should be integrated into your cellular security camera. Your home or property will be alerted when an unauthorized movement is detected. If you don’t want to receive alerts, you should have the option to turn them off.

9. Cloud storage for videos and photos

Make sure the security camera provides cloud storage for videos and photos. Your footage will never be lost, regardless of what happens to your camera or memory card. If you want to use this feature, you may need to pay a subscription fee. You can usually get a month’s worth of free cloud storage from most cameras.

How Does a Cellular Security Camera Work?

Being safe is more important than being sorry. Security systems are quickly installed by home and business owners for this reason. While they are not physically there, they can keep an eye on their place using these devices. It is possible to protect your loved ones and property by installing a reliable security camera system.

The best cellular security cameras can capture pictures or videos when motion is detected. Cellular networks, such as 3G, 4G, and 5G, allow the owners of these devices to send images to their mobile devices directly. People can keep a close eye on their property without having to worry about having a WiFi connection by using a cellular security camera. There are also devices that can monitor your property without light at night with the aid of infrared technology.

Where to Use a Cellular Security Camera?

A person working on an industrial site can install cameras to control the area in some ways. The devices allow people to maintain home security from a distance. Farmers can also use it to monitor animals. 

It is possible to enforce them in public areas in order to prevent crime or ensure people’s safety. Using this device will allow surveillance systems to have more cameras. As a result, this type of device can function even if it isn’t connected to an electrical circuit or a wi-fi network. Other possibilities are listed below.

Boating: A cellular security camera can eliminate blind spots when it comes to boats that need to be protected. A wireless connection is not necessary, nor is constant power. Solar panels can power these cameras, thus avoiding the need for wires.

Camping and RV: Using a cellular security camera can make camping or RVing more enjoyable wherever you are. It is also necessary to use a solar panel that does not draw power from the vehicle battery. Otherwise, the battery would wear out faster.

Ranches or Barns: There are individuals who possess large tracts of land or barns. A cellular security camera can be incorporated to eliminate the need to drive to a specialized location, such as inside a barn. These types of cameras can eliminate blind spots in large areas of land. 

You should consider a few things before using a cellular security camera.

No Professional Monitoring

A cellular security camera is rarely monitored professionally. Photographs and videos taken by the camera should be checked by the user himself. 

Time of Use

No DC power cables are required for cellular security cameras. Battery backup is therefore necessary. Having an external power source such as a solar panel can increase costs. When there is little sunlight available on cloudy days, usage time can be shortened dramatically.

Easy Hacking

Mobile security cameras are among the easiest cameras to hack. Hackers with experience find them easy targets. With Internet-connected cameras, this is a much easier option. Mobile security cameras have the potential to be hacked. This should be considered.

Regular Video Quality

Generally, cellular security cameras do not offer good resolution or video capabilities. Cellular networks are less efficient than wi-fi connections when transmitting data. From a cellular security camera, you shouldn’t expect high-resolution videos and images.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do security cameras use mobile data?

With a cellular surveillance camera, you don’t need a dedicated Internet connection; instead, video signals are transmitted over a mobile network, making it an ideal security solution for places without Internet access or power.

Can Cellular Security Systems Work with WiFi

Since most cellular security cameras operate where the internet is unavailable in the first place, they cannot work with WiFi or your phone hotspot.

You can find the battery and solar powered Reolink Argus 2 a suitable and affordable security camera option if there is WiFi available at your place.

How many gigabytes does a security camera use?

A Wi-Fi-enabled security camera system can consume 400 GB of data per month. These numbers will vary based on the amount of cameras, the number of frames per second, and whether a network video recorder is used to share the data.

Can malware access your camera?

Find out if it’s being compromised. The only thing hackers need is remote-control malware to hijack your webcam. The warning signs are easy to spot and you can enhance the security of your computer camera.

Do security cameras record all the time?

Motion-activated security cameras record whenever they detect motion and send you notifications when they do. There are also many cameras that can record continuously (continuous video recording or CVR). You can provide home security and peace of mind with a security camera.

Final Words

The best way to protect your home is still with a cellular security camera. Wireless internet connections aren’t available to everyone, so this type of security will suffice. Being able to access your camera from anywhere makes it convenient as well. If you were away, you could still access it and make sure that everything at home was as it should be.

It is vital to protect yourself and your property with the installation of security cameras, regardless of the type of system you select. Install security cameras right away

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