My Meeting With PM Modi

Regarding the meeting with PM Modi, Aditya Thackeray says that, when I met the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 1st August, along with a delegation of Members of Parliament of the Shiv Sena, I had two clear things on the agenda – the Education Tab and Virtual Classrooms.

My Meeting With PM Modi:

With Modi ji’s push for Digital India, and the NDA government being keen on education being ensured to each and every child, I was very keen to meet the Prime Minister with these two initiatives taken up by Shiv Sena President Shri Uddhav Thackeray.

My Meeting With PM Modi

My Meeting With PM Modi

The Virtual Classroom project is an initiative, perhaps the first in our nation by a municipal corporation, initiated four years ago. 10th standard classrooms in almost 400 schools have been linked to a studio via the satellite. These classes, held almost once a week, have a teacher interacting with students and vice versa. The results are seen with grades of the students improving.

Even as the school infrastructure and basics of BMC schools are being renovated and overhauled each year, the infusion of this technology has made education an attraction to the students who would further go on to do greater things in life.

This technology was brought to BMC schools, by an entrepreneur who himself, as a student, studied in a BMC school.

The other initiative led by Uddhav Thackeray ji is that of the educational tablet. Some questions were raised over why the tabs do not have connectivity and cameras like mobile phones. As educationists would agree, we do not allow mobile phones in a classroom, primarily because we don’t encourage the drifting of attention from education to surfing the Internet.

What is most important today is the primary agenda of reducing the weight of school bags and that is how we must view the initiative, not as a way to hand over election freebies like mobile phones. These tabs aren’t to serve the purpose of connectivity, but that of a digital interactive serious textbook.

What is most important today is to blend technology with our conventional knowledge taught in schools in India. With our talent pool in Information Technology, there could be greater advancements in such tabs. However, to begin with, we are sure that this is a necessary revolution in education with the coming of technology.

This will only make further education reforms easier and give scope to our students to make useful technology a part of their everyday lives.