Texas Roadhouse Review and Statistics: An Expert Analysis

Texas Roadhouse, an American chain renowned for its steaks, ribs, and fresh-baked rolls, has become a popular dining destination in the United States. With a casual, inviting atmosphere and a menu that promises a hearty, satisfying meal, it’s no surprise that this restaurant continues to experience impressive sales growth. In fact, Texas Roadhouse saw a 16% increase in same-store sales during the first quarter of 2022, building upon an already strong performance in 2021. With such intriguing statistics, it’s worth taking a closer look at their offerings and customer reviews for a comprehensive Texas Roadhouse review.

While the restaurant’s menu caters to a wide range of palates, there’s no doubt that their steaks steal the limelight – and for good reason. Their USDA Choice Sirloin has been especially lauded as both affordable and delicious, earning praise from numerous satisfied customers. Of course, not every item receives glowing reviews, as some diners and employees have recommended avoiding certain dishes.

To better understand the allure of Texas Roadhouse and their overall performance in the industry, it’s essential to shed light on the various factors that contribute to their success. Delving into customer reviews, analyzing menu offerings, and exploring sales data will provide valuable insights into the restaurant’s strengths and shortcomings, leaving readers with a well-rounded view of this American dining staple.

Texas Roadhouse Review

Texas Roadhouse is a popular restaurant chain known for its casual dining experience, specializing in steaks and a fun, friendly atmosphere. Founded in 1993, the company has grown immensely since then, now having over 600 locations across the United States.

With a focus on providing excellent customer service, Texas Roadhouse is well-loved for its handmade, quality meals at affordable prices. The restaurant’s menu includes a wide variety of steak options, such as ribeye, New York strip, and filet, all cooked to perfection. Additionally, guests can enjoy other offerings like ribs, chicken, and seafood alongside a selection of satisfying side dishes.

Texas Roadhouse operates on an interesting business model, with most of its restaurants being company-owned. This strategy has helped maintain a consistent dining experience for patrons across different locations, reinforcing its reputation as a reliable steakhouse.

Financially speaking, the company has been quite successful in recent years. In 2022, their revenue reached 3.9 billion USD, demonstrating a remarkable growth compared to previous years. This increase in sales can be attributed to factors like a strong focus on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Some of the accolades that Texas Roadhouse has received include being ranked #472 in Forbes’ Best Employers for Diversity (2023) and #41 in Customer Experience for All Stars (2023). These achievements showcase the company’s commitment not only to customer satisfaction but also to creating a welcoming, inclusive environment for its employees.

In conclusion, Texas Roadhouse has established itself as a prominent restaurant chain in the United States. Combining a delectable menu with a lively, casual atmosphere and a strong business model, it’s no wonder why the steakhouse is a favorite dining destination for many.

Texas Roadhouse Menu Highlights

At Texas Roadhouse, the highlight of their menu is undoubtedly the steak selection. Known for their mouth-watering hand-cut meats, Texas Roadhouse offers various cuts such as the classic USDA Choice Sirloin and the indulgent Bone-In Ribeye, to suit every steak lover’s taste.

  • USDA Choice Sirloin: A popular choice among customers, this affordable sirloin steak hits the right spot without breaking the bank.
  • Bone-In Ribeye: For those seeking a more decadent option, the Bone-In Ribeye boasts a generous portion of tender, juicy meat that melts in your mouth.

Another fan-favorite is the fresh rolls – warm, soft, and served with whipped cinnamon butter. These rolls have a cult following, making them a must-try at this establishment.

Texas Roadhouse doesn’t just cater to the steak lover; their menu includes fresh fish options that are equally delicious. Plus, the ample sides available to accompany your main course provide ample variety to customize your meal. From sauteed mushrooms to seasoned rice and more, these side dishes perfectly complement the robust flavors of the main dishes.

The Prime Rib is also a fantastic selection for meat enthusiasts. Offering a tender and flavorful cut of beef, it becomes irresistible when paired with the rich, decadent peppercorn sauce.

While enjoying your meal, you’ll be surrounded by the lively atmosphere of Texas Roadhouse. The sound of country music fills the air, and unlimited peanuts are available for snacking. This energetic ambiance enhances the overall dining experience, making it a great spot for family and friends to gather.

In summary, Texas Roadhouse offers a memorable dining experience with high-quality food, unbeatable steaks, and delicious side dishes, all set in a vibrant atmosphere that transport you straight to the heart of Texas.

Texas Roadhouse Food Quality and Service

At Texas Roadhouse, guests can expect a variety of scrumptious dishes that focus on quality and taste. The steaks are particularly popular among customers. For instance, the USDA Choice Sirloin is an incredible hit, offering a great combination of flavor and affordability. Guests can savor these steaks, knowing they’re indulging in tasty and satisfying meals.

When visiting Texas Roadhouse, diners are often struck by the warmth and friendliness of the staff. The servers, management, and other team members work hard to make the atmosphere comfortable and accommodating. While some instances of disorganization might occur, in general, the employees work tirelessly to create a fantastic experience for everyone—men, women, and families alike.


Of course, there might be occasional hiccups with the food quality. For example, you might encounter an overcooked or tough dish from time to time. In most cases, however, the staff will quickly resolve any issues with a genuine desire to ensure customer satisfaction.


As for the service, Texas Roadhouse prides itself on being efficient and attentive, even during peak hours. Although a small number of guests may experience long wait times or cold food, the majority of diners are met with a timely and delightful experience.


In conclusion, Texas Roadhouse is a restaurant chain where both food quality and service are prioritized to create an enjoyable dining experience. The friendly and helpful staff, combined with a tasty menu of well-prepared dishes, helps make Texas Roadhouse a top choice for casual dining across the nation.

Texas Roadhouse Popular Dishes and Nutrition

At Texas Roadhouse, a wide variety of scrumptious dishes are offered that cater to every palate. From tender steaks and juicy chicken to mouthwatering desserts, there’s something for everyone. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at some fan favorites, along with their nutritional content.

When it comes to steaks, Texas Roadhouse is the place to go. Their steaks come in various cuts such as ribeye, sirloin, and filet, each cooked to perfection. For a flavor-packed option, try the 8 oz sirloin, which contains approximately 480 calories, 33 grams of protein, and 8 grams of saturated fat.

If you’re craving something lighter, the grilled BBQ chicken meal is an excellent choice. It provides a healthy amount of protein (46 grams) for a relatively low calorie count (300) source.

Steak fries are a popular side dish and can easily be paired with any entree. A single serving contains about 360 calories, 43 grams of carbohydrates, and 4 grams of protein.

Diving into the appetizer menu, the cactus blossom is a must-try. This deep-fried onion dish, similar to the famous blooming onion, boasts an estimated 2,010 calories, but it’s perfect for sharing among friends.

For those looking for a healthier starter, the house salad offers a multitude of flavors without a hefty calorie count. But, be cautious with salad dressings, as they can amp up the calorie count and fat content quickly. A full house salad with dressing has about 1,340 calories and 103 grams of fat source.

Their sandwiches also make for satisfying meals, with options like the pulled pork sandwich and the steakhouse filet salad.

When it comes to ribs, Texas Roadhouse offers finger-licking good choices. However, be mindful of their nutritional content – their ribs can be over 1,400 calories and contain more than 40 grams of saturated fat source.

Finally, don’t forget to treat yourself with one of Texas Roadhouse’s delectable desserts. Indulge in the gooey cinnamon roll bread pudding, or opt for the lighter Granny’s Apple Classic with vanilla ice cream.

Remember, while indulging in these dishes, it’s essential to be aware of the calorie count and calories you are consuming. Keep in mind your dietary preferences, and be sure to enjoy these tasty meals at Texas Roadhouse!

Texas Roadhouse Demographic Reach

At Texas Roadhouse, you’ll find a diverse range of customers enjoying their steaks and Southwestern cuisine. The restaurant chain has been quite successful with its widespread appeal to various demographics. Using data from analytics firm Numerator, we can uncover some interesting details about Texas Roadhouse’s demographic reach.

First off, the predominant ethnicity among Texas Roadhouse customers is white, making up a significant percentage of patrons. Apart from that, the restaurant also attracts African American and Hispanic customers but to a lesser extent.

It’s worth noting that the average customer at Texas Roadhouse is a married person over the age of 65. This indicates that the restaurant might be particularly popular among older adults and those who appreciate a relaxed dining atmosphere.

As for the employees at Texas Roadhouse, the workforce is also quite diverse. The majority of employees identify as white (66%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (14%) and African American (11%) employees. The average salary for a Texas Roadhouse employee stands at around $31,839 per year, according to Zippia.

The restaurant chain has expanded its reach not only in terms of demographics but also geographically. Texas Roadhouse operates in 49 U.S. states, with roughly 627 locations. Furthermore, they have expanded globally, establishing 29 international locations throughout 10 different countries, as mentioned in Wikipedia.

Texas Roadhouse has certainly grown its market reach while remaining appealing to various demographics. By offering a diverse workforce and catering to a wide audience, this restaurant has managed to create an enjoyable and welcoming dining experience for its customers.

Texas Roadhouse Operating Statistics

Texas Roadhouse is a well-known name in the restaurant industry, known for its quality food and unique ambiance. Serving hand-cut steaks, scratch-made sides, and freshly baked bread, Texas Roadhouse has successfully established a strong presence across the United States with 659 restaurants in operation as of 2022.

In terms of financial performance, the company generated a whopping $4.01 billion in revenue in 2022, which reflects the consistent growth they’ve experienced over the years. Texas Roadhouse has a current market cap of $7.40 billion and an enterprise value of $7.96 billion as mentioned on stockanalysis.com.

Regarding their workforce, Texas Roadhouse employs a large number of individuals throughout their various locations. The company’s demographics are estimated using a database of 30 million profiles and are verified against BLS, Census, and current job openings for accuracy, as per Zippia.

Under the leadership of their CEO, Texas Roadhouse maintains a strong commitment to quality and hospitality. This focus on customer satisfaction has contributed to the company’s overall success in the highly competitive restaurant industry. The attention to detail in everything from hand-cutting steaks to ensuring freshness in their scratch-made recipes is what keeps customers coming back for more.

In conclusion, Texas Roadhouse is a solid player in the restaurant industry with impressive growth and a large number of dedicated employees. The company’s commitment to quality and excellent service has helped them thrive and maintain their loyal customer base.

Texas Roadhouse Customer Reviews and Ratings

At Texas Roadhouse, customers have shared their opinions on various platforms like TripAdvisor and Sitejabber, giving prospective diners insight into their experiences. Although the chain may have its fair share of fans, it’s not uncommon to come across some disappointments too.

One aspect that draws in many patrons is the delicious, juicy steaks and flavorful sides. A common favorite among the menu items is the mashed potatoes, which often receive praise for their creamy texture and taste. Additionally, many diners enjoy the catfish, highlighting its well-seasoned preparation and generous portion sizes.

However, on the flip side, some customers face certain issues during their visits. For instance, they may have been served with overcooked onions or experienced inconsistencies in the quality of the food from one visit to the next. In such cases, it’s natural for diners to feel let down, especially when they’ve had better experiences previously.

As for ratings, it’s worth mentioning that Texas Roadhouse has a mixed bag across different review platforms. For example, on Sitejabber, the restaurant chain scored a 2.07 out of 5 stars from 407 reviews, with many customers expressing dissatisfaction concerning their experiences. On the other hand, customers on Trustpilot generally had more positive feedback, with one review stating that the staff is friendly and the food is always made fresh.

In the financial realm, though not related to customer reviews, it is essential to note that Texas Roadhouse’s net income tends to fluctuate over the years. This information can serve as a vital indicator for potential investors in the company and those interested in understanding the stability of the business.

To sum up, Texas Roadhouse has its highlights, with many customers raving about the delicious dishes and comfortable atmosphere. However, it also faces some challenges, as certain aspects of the dining experience might be disappointing to some visitors. Keeping this in mind, potential diners should approach their Texas Roadhouse experience with both excitement and a tad of caution.

Financial Performance of Texas Roadhouse

Balance Sheet

In 2021, Texas Roadhouse experienced an improvement in its financial stability. The company’s total assets increased, and they managed to maintain a healthy balance sheet. With a manageable debt ratio, Texas Roadhouse has positioned itself well for future growth opportunities.

Cash Flow Statement

Texas Roadhouse’s cash flow statement indicates a positive trend, with operating cash flows seeing a significant increase in 2021. This suggests that the company is generating sufficient cash to cover its expenses and invest in expansion. The focus on maintaining a solid cash flow helps ensure the company’s continued growth and financial health.

Stock Performance

The stock of Texas Roadhouse (TXRH) has shown remarkable performance in 2021. With a strong market cap, the company has demonstrated considerable value to investors. Their stock has stayed consistently above the 50-day moving average and 200-day moving average, signaling a positive momentum in the long term. The stock also has a stable beta, which indicates a lower risk compared to the overall market.


Texas Roadhouse is known for rewarding its shareholders through regular dividend payments. While the dividend payout ratio may vary, the company has consistently maintained a reasonable level that balances rewarding shareholders and reinvesting in the business. With a moderate PEG ratio and healthy profit margin, Texas Roadhouse’s dividend policy reflects its strong financial performance and commitment to rewarding investors.

In summary, Texas Roadhouse has shown strong financial performance, with improvements in the balance sheet, cash flow statement, stock performance, and dividends. By maintaining a healthy financial position, the company is well-positioned for future growth and delivering value to its shareholders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common complaints in Texas Roadhouse reviews?

Many customers have shared their dissatisfaction with Texas Roadhouse in online reviews. Some of the common complaints include long wait times, inconsistent service quality, and crowded dining areas. However, it is important to note that these complaints are not universal, and many patrons have had positive experiences at the restaurant. Texas Roadhouse’s rating on SiteJabber is 2.07 stars, indicating that some customers might have had negative experiences.

How do employees rate their experience at Texas Roadhouse?

Employees generally seem to have a positive experience working at Texas Roadhouse, with the company receiving a 3.7 rating on Indeed. Many employees appreciate the lively atmosphere, teamwork, and opportunities for advancement.

How does Texas Roadhouse compare to other similar restaurants?

While it’s difficult to make direct comparisons between restaurants, Texas Roadhouse has carved out a unique position in the market. It is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, hand-cut steaks, made-from-scratch sides, and fresh-baked bread. In 2018, Forbes named Texas Roadhouse one of America’s Best Large Employers, indicating strong performance and employee satisfaction.

What are the most praised menu items in reviews?

Customers rave about several menu items at Texas Roadhouse. For instance, the Prime Rib is often highlighted as being tender and succulent, while the freshly baked buns receive high praise for their melt-in-your-mouth quality.

How do Texas Roadhouse locations’ ratings vary across different regions?

Ratings for Texas Roadhouse locations may vary from region to region, but the overall experiences tend to be fairly consistent. Although it is difficult to provide specific regional variations, checking reviews on sites like Yelp or Google Maps can give you a better understanding of the ratings for locations in your area.

What factors contribute to the overall satisfaction of their customers?

Texas Roadhouse focuses on providing patrons with a fun, lively atmosphere, great food, and friendly service. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients, and preparing meals fresh to order, likely contributes to the overall satisfaction of their customers. Of course, individual experiences may differ based on factors like location, time of visit, and personal preferences.

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