Pinrace launches alternative to safety pins for sports garments

Isle of Man, 17 December 2015: The brainchild of two running enthusiasts, Pinrace is a brand new British startup. The recent release of their flagship product will revolutionize the sports world by making traditional and inconvenient safety pins obsolete.

The innovative fastening system features a pair of strong magnets which clasp onto each other through the fabric of the garment and race number holding it firmly in place, regardless of the sports the garments might be used for.

Developed by runners, for runners, the Pinrace system quickly solves the host of problems that traditional safety pins cause for both veteran and novice runners alike. While they have been the go-to fastening system for many years, safety pins simply aren’t reliable, and they can damage expensive sportswear over time.


The idea behind the magnetic fastening clasps occurred to Manuel de Luque and Montserrat De Juan having experienced problems with the traditional safety pins first hand. De Luque first came up with the idea while running a race in Spain where he realized the extent of the damage the safety pins were causing to his sportswear and how uncomfortable they actually were. Montserrat, a veteran in the fitness industry, also experienced the same discomfort with the safety pins and thus the couple set about devising a solution to the discomfort and ineffectiveness of traditional safety pins and shortly thereafter the innovative Pinrace fastening system was born.

Though they put runners first, Pinrace is a company committed to giving it back to the community therefore a percentage of all sales of this latest fastening system will be donated to deserving charities across Britain.

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