Nestle Maggi destroys all its Maggi and bags a loss of 320 crores

Maggi noodles eradication has evoked the country to be mindful of the fast food and the prepared bundled nourishments. Because of the ban on Maggi noodles there has been decrease in the offers of Nestle Maggi which is obliging the organization to crush more than 27,000 tons of reviewed Maggi noodles to the burning centres by 10,000 trucks. Nestle deployed 10,000 Trucks to destroy 27,000 Tons of recalled Maggi Noodles.

Maggi to destru 32 million Euoros worth stock:

Nestle has reviewed more than 27,000 tons of the Maggi Noodles from 3.5 million retailers across the country to wreck them considering the ban on Maggi because of the abundant substance of MSG and large amounts of lead. It takes 40 days to collect all the Maggi stock across the country.


Official Vice president, Nestle India, Luca Fichera said “The whole review procedure is colossal and complex.” Nestle was coordinated by the food regulatory department on 5th June 2015 to review the delivered and coursed supply in the market sector taking after affirmation of harmful levels of lead in the ‘two-minute noodles’.

Maybe this may be one of the greatest reviews in history of Nestlé’s 100 year career which is being associated with the 1,600 business staff and about 12,000 individuals in its conveyance system.

FOOD REGULATORY DEPARTMENT Banned Maggi Noodles on June 5, 2015. Nestle would be calling its 27,420 tons of Maggi noodles distributed and additional 1,422 tons of noodles in its five manufacturing factories would be crushed soon.

After FOOD REGULATORY DEPARTMENT’s ban over the Maggi noodles, Nestle has stopped out its manufacturing in every one of its processing plants. Head of Nestle India, Ashish Pande said “We don’t have enough space accessible to keep all. We have effectively taken 12 storage rooms moreover to keep the reviewed noodles.”

Nestle India is accepted to obliterated all its 169 tons of Maggi Noodles reviewed and the delivered ones between 9th June to 13th June 2015 at three burning plants. Devastation procedure of the 27,420 tons of Maggi noodles includes smashing of noodles, including the fuel and blazing the blend in incinerators.

Nestle India is wanting to rope in more burning plants to accelerate the destroying process for the enormous reviewed items in the history. Nestle India Executive; Luca Fichera said “Once going all out, every one of the five or six burning plants together will have the capacity to demolish around 700 tons of noodles consistently.

Generally, it’s an enormous complex activity which we have never done at Nestle India.” added the executive vice president of Nestle India.

They further clarified that Nestle India records a gross loss of ?320 crore. The loss is not only the expense of the material, but also the expenses for logistics, bundling, transport, taking care of and stockpiling. Furthermore, Nestle India is additionally paying the burning plants for their expenses of logistics, bundling, transport, taking care of and stockpiling.