Consumer forum FileComplaintOnline.Com makes it easy to file complaints

New Delhi: Tired of filing complaints after complaints against poor quality of service from companies and government agencies and still getting no response from them?

Now, here’s one simple solution according to the people behind an online consumer protection forum called File Complaint Online.

“It is a common practice by companies and even government agencies not to respond to consumers’ complaints when done through the traditional means of submitting a complaint form and sending them via the post. However, when consumers file their complaints via online complaint forum which are visible to everyone, companies and government agencies feared bad publicity. So, they are forced to respond look into the complaints,” the online consumer forum creators said.

file complaint online

The website is easy to use. Besides enabling consumers register using their social media accounts, the platform is mobile friendly.

“It takes just a bout two minutes to file a complaint,” they added.

Some big companies like Snapdeal, MakeMyTrip, etc are already using the free consumer protection forum and grievances platform.