5 Best 3D Modelling Softwares

3D Modelling has rapidly evolved with the advancement in technology and we all know that in a
3D graphics model, a perfect 3D design software is needed. This technique of developing a 3D
model using a perfect 3D design is known as 3D modeling. In the present times, 3D Modelling is
being widely used in multiple Industries like that of gaming, animation, interior design,
architecture etc. One who knows the skill of a 3D design software can very easily design 3D
models and today we present you the list of best 5 free 3D design software that you can
download very easily and can use to create your own 3D models.

1. Blender

Blender in the present era is one of the most reliable and versatile 3D Design software. It is one
of the best open source 3D model design. It can perform many functions that include 3D
animation and 3D printing. It has been such a huge success as it constantly develops and
improves itself. One more thing that makes it to the 5 best 3D Design software for windows is
that the developers of Blender and the community designed for its users is that they are always
ready to help you. It also is very helpful when it comes to troubleshooting and also provides very
important tips as how to extract the best of the features of the app. It also has got the option of
installing ‘add ons’ which help unlock multiple functionalities and extensions which depends
upon the type of the project one is doing.

2. Daz Studio
The second one is Daz Studio which is great free and future which 3D model software which
offers advanced functionalities for the professionals and offers its users the ability to create
multiple brilliant 3DX with GPU accelerated real time rendering and lifelike results. Though it
offers a lot of features and functionalities the only negative thing about this software is that it is
not good for beginners because a lot of things may appear complex in the initial phase. This app
can very easily help anybody to become a skilled and professional artist in the field of design
modelling with the guidance that its provide through its interactive tutorials that are provided
free along with the app. Daz Studio is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac OS X.

3. 3D Crafter
3D Crafter is another amazing and free 3D modelling app that one can use that also is loaded
within animation software. Among all the apps mentioned in the list, the advantage of using this
app for 3D design modelling is that it comes with such efficient drag and drop functionalities that
it becomes very easy for a user to do Modelling using this app the basic shapes that it provides

for starting any 3D modelling are like that of a cube, cone, cylinder etc. Because it is so easy to
use and is loaded with various options to work with, it makes to our list.
One can very easily drag and drop these shapes into the workspace and ship the final model as
per needed. Also, if one is involved in working with noobs, it is the best app that one can use in
case of that. Like other apps, 3D Crafter also has multiple tutorials for all levels and has a help
menu integrated in it as well with the search features for making it very easy for the users to use
the app.

4. MeshMixer
The fourth app that we shall talk about MeshMixer. It is a wonderful 3D modelling app which
helps the users create a very strong and unique 3D designs and it is a very useful app when one
already has the idea of the earth 3D model they want to create. You can also remodel old models
to make high-quality models from them. It also comes with the options of modifying the models
according to the one's necessities and it provides all the required tools to do so. Some of the
common tools that the software offers are Hollowing (with escape holes), 3D Sculpting and
Surface Stamping etc Not only that it also offers you some superb tools selection tools like the
surface-lasso, brushing,  & also the constraints.
One can use the dedicated 3D printing program to analyze and check for all the problems in the
model and along with the list of 3D design tools provided, one can use the like options of
checking of stability, thickness, flashing tools etc. and work towards designing their model.
MeshMixer software is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.

5. FreeCAD

The last one on our list is FreeCAD. It is another free 3D design software that is used in
designing multiple real-life objects that can range from any size. It is a parametric modeler using
which one can very easily change the model’s parameters by using the model's history.  With
Free CAD you can create multiple 3D objects from the 2D objects. You can also extract the
design details which will definitely help you to create high-quality objects. It has got basic
features like a box, sphere, cone, cylinder and it also has modified tools like that of thickness,
cut, fillet, fuse etc. and because it is a multi-platform product it can read and write multiple file
formats like DAE, IFS, OBJ, DXF, STL etc. This app is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

So, these were the 5 best 3D Design Softwares for Windows OS. Hope you liked the post. If you
have any queries you can ask us via the comments section.