Windows 11 – Features, Specs & Pricing: Everything you need to know

Now, it’s excellent and exciting news to every individual on this technical earth as the availability date for Windows 11 is announced by Microsoft. In their recent public appearance, Microsoft has officially announced that they had tested over four million Windows Insiders and have made great progress on Windows 11 and even are nearly ready to deliver this free upgrade to all of their Windows customers. They even added that the Windows 11 upgrade is designed to be compatible with our current Windows device and applications.

Recently, Microsoft has announced that Windows users to get ready for their new windows 10. On July 29 of this very year, we can get Windows 11 for PCs and tablets by taking advantage of the free upgrade offer they had given us, or on a new Windows 11 PC from our favorite retailer. If we purchased a new Windows 8.1 device between now and then, the Windows 11 upgrade would be available for us, and many retail stores will upgrade our new device.

It was also given that we can reserve our free Windows 11 upgrade now through a simple reservation process by clicking on the special icon in our system tray at the bottom of our screen, click on the icon, and then completing the reservation process.  The company announced yesterday that it would also get rid of some old features. Windows Media Centre and the game Hearts will be killed off, and a new browser called Microsoft Edge will take the place of Internet Explorer.

Windows even detailed the full system requirements for running the new operating system, Windows 11. They said that this new software’s system requirements are mostly identical to the system requirements of the windows 7 software, where most people making the upgrade should already have a good enough computer to run it.

Windows had designed Windows 11 to help us be more productive and have more fun, with a range of innovations. Windows devices have Cortana, the world’s first truly personal digital assistant that helps us get things done. In their recent public appearance, Windows had announced that Cortana works out with unique specializations like it notices our preferences to provide relevant recommendations, fast access to information, and important reminders. And the Cortana experience works not just on our PC but will notify and help us on our smartphones too.

Windows 11 - Features, Specs & Pricing: Everything you need to know - 2024

On the other side, Microsoft has revealed that it is killing off some of Windows’ most familiar applications in its new operating system Windows 11, including the ability to decide when our computer is getting updated. The new feature includes that the computers will automatically download and install new updates instead of installing new versions of Windows when updates are available.

However, Windows had given an exception for the work-focused Pro and Enterprise editions of the software, where administrators will defer new updates. Geographical restrictions are held up for the users of Windows 11 from some places. Many countries won’t have access to Cortana. They even specified that Xbox Music and Xbox Video entertainment apps wouldn’t be available everywhere for licensing reasons.

Microsoft will have to ensure that people don’ look at its “Best Windows Ever” as just a mistake being corrected.

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