What Radio Station Plays Panic! at the Disco?

Panic! At the Disco was one of the most prominent acts to emerge from the mid-2000s emo genre. Their tracks are all well-known to many pop and rock music listeners, and they topped the music charts several times and earned a lot of fan support.

However, with the explosion of social networks and Tik Tok, Panic! at the Disco seems absent from music programs and channels. So, it seems hard to find radio stations that play Panic at the Disco. If you want to know what radio station plays Panic at The Disco, please keep scrolling!

What Radio Station Does Panic at the Disco Play on?

You can listen to Panic at the Disco on some typical radio stations like SiriusXM, Apple Music 1, Jango, and AccuRadio. Some of these services are free so that you can enjoy Panic at the Disco free music of good quality.

If you are just a new fan or a newcomer who wants to discover this band’s songs, you can check out tracks like High Hopes, Hey Look Ma, I Made It, Nine in the Afternoon, Say Amen (Saturday Night), or The Ballad of Mona Lisa. Their music can steal your soul from the very first note!

About Panic! At The Disco

As one of the most prominent phenomena to emerge from the mid-2000s emo genre, Panic! At the Disco grew beyond their initial success, becoming a platform for frontman Urie’s and his bandmates’ brand of music.

Their style has been described as pop rock, alternative rock, emo pop, among other genres. The band has released six albums and won four Billboard Music Awards. Although Panic at The Disco was formed in 2004, they’re still making music at present, proving their longevity as artists.

Other Platforms to Listen to Panic! at the Disco

Panic! at the Disco has an official website at PanicattheDisco.com for fans to catch up with their latest activities or news.

Besides the recommendations for radio stations we mentioned above, several platforms that release Panic at the Disco songs are below:

1. Spotify

Spotify delivers digital copyright-limited recorded music and podcasts from music labels and media firms. It offers freemium (free music) and premium services (paid music). Unfortunately, some artists make their music available to only premium accounts for the first few weeks of their new releases.

Lucky for you, you can find almost all Panic at the Disco radio music here, and it’s free! Then, stream it through your car’s Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, AUX cable, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay and enjoy!

2. Apple Music

You can also find many Panic! at the Disco songs on Apple Music from your smartphone. However, this application demands you pay for a subscription if you want to listen to them.

If you already have an Apple Music account, all you need to do is to connect it to your car via Bluetooth, and there you can enjoy the songs!

3. Youtube

If your car has a modern stereo, you can just turn on Youtube and search for any songs that you want to listen to. And of course, they’re all free.

4. Others

Besides what we mentioned above, you can look for all Panic at the Disco songs on Pandora, Tidal, Deezer, Napster, or the iTunes store. The regulations on costs will depend on each app’s policy.


1. What is Panic at the Disco known for?

Panic! At The Disco garnered attention right from their debut. On their 2005 album, they released the wordy and wild song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” which earned them success on the charts and a headlining tour.

2. Does Brendon Urie sing in falsetto?

Yes. He has spent years practicing and can sing from a D2 to an E5 in chest voice, Bb5 in mixed voice, D6 in falsetto, and C7 by shouting. His falsetto is quite light and easy to listen to.

Final Thoughts

We hope you got a satisfactory answer to “What radio station plays Panic at the disco?” In addition to the radio channels we recommended, thanks to modern technology today, you can access the band’s music through other platforms, even the applications available in the stereo in your car.

As long as you feel comfortable and convenient, have fun listening to music!

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