Tamilians Not Happy With Baahubali

On Thursday, a film theater in Madurai playing the gigantically famous South Indian hit Baahubali was assaulted with petrol bombs by a Dalit bunch for highlighting a line (Pagadaikku Pirandhavan) considered deprecatory against a sub-caste of the Dalit group. Eventually, author Madan Karky apologised for any hurt brought about to the community.

Tamilians Not Happy With Baahubali :

Baahubali may be in the news for including an Anti-Dalit line in the end, yet Dalit activists, producers and researchers bring up caste based slurs have dependably been a piece of Tamil Cinema.

Tamilians Not Happy With Baahubali
Tamilians Not Happy With Baahubali

“Caste based slurs, for example, Chandala, which means a sub-caste of a Scheduled Caste group in Tamil Nadu, have been so coolly utilised as a part of comedy scenes by Tamil comedians like Vadivelu and Vivek. In Ameer’s Paruthiveeran, a super hit melody Yele Yelelo, the legend really calls his heroine Sandali – which implies that she is a little girl of a whore. We live in a general public where such melodies are praised,” says Punitha Pandian, supervisor of Dalit Murasu, a magazine that composes basically about social issues.

Mr. Pandian commented that regularly lack of awareness is given as a reason and asked the common society – erudite people, activists and media – to accomplish more to sharpen the masses. “This is not an issue of Dalits alone. We have been continually speaking and expounding on these things yet we have come to a stage where just a petrol bomb can drive the general public to discuss it. Movie producers must be sharpened about social issues,” he says.

What does the film business make of the allegation that caste based slurs have dependably been a piece of Tamil movies? Movie producer S.P. Jhananathan says that most youthful and sprouting essayists are mindful of social issues, and proposes that the writers’ union must be effectively included in raising cognisance.

 “Most movie producers and authors are not aware of social issues. Producers and essayists are additionally cut from the same fabric of society; by what method would they be able to be any different,” he asks.

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