Kaaka Muttai Movie Review & Rating : A Must Watch Realistic Movie to the Audience

Director: Manikandan
Cast: Vignesh, Ramesh, Iyshwarya Rajesh
Producer: Dhanush, Vetrimaran
Music Director: G.V.Prakash Kumar
CBFC Rating: U
Movie Run Time: 109 Minutes
Release Date: June 5th 2015

Recent times movies are becoming more commercial and socio-fantasic,they are deviating from reality.Even among such movies an ingenious movie “KAKKA MUTTAI” was brought into spot light by Manikandan. Kakka Muttai is a glorious and charming movie.This movie is splendid with an intense local theme.It is based on two kids who leading their life below the poverty line. Kakka Muttai is an intense flawless genre movie for kids.

Kaaka Muttai Movie Review & Rating:

TheĀ movieĀ revolves round two impoverished kids from unstructured slum of chennai who long to taste their first pizza in life at a newly luanched restaurant named pizza spot in their vicinity.The two kids named Vignesh and Ramesh lived in the roles of Chinna kakka Muttai and Periya Kakka muttai. The kids gave heart warming performances with their wide eyed gazes and infectious smiles.their father got adicted to alchol.

The only source of their bread earning is their mother working as maid. Iyshwarya played the role of mother.The kids contribute their part to their mother by collecting the remnants of coal from good train and sell those to the nearby waste disposal shops and earn some money and their mother-in-law helps them in their house hold activities. Kaaka Muttai is an array of burning topics for grown ups like globalization,economic inequality,urban poverty and social satisfaction.

Rating: 3.5./5

In a poignant scene grand mother of two kids rues that crow’s eggs are the only nutritious food to them.Since,they can’t afford to buy chicken eggs.By this scene the audience can get to know how people in slum struggle for food.On the other side the ground where the kids drink the cow’s eggs from a tree is sold to a real estate developer to make way for pizza shop,this scene portrays the severity of globalization on earth.In another scene when Shimbu arrives as chief guest to a pizza shop opening and on gorges on slice of pizza,yhe detectable sight of it makes mouth watering to the kids.To taste the pizza the two kids set themselves to an adventurous journey to save money by doing peculiar jobs, in-order to taste their first pizza.It’s a wonderful experience,the audience should relish on big screen.

Kaaka Muttai Movie Analysis:

The director, manikandan beautifully portrayed every detail on everyday life of how every single incident of life’s below lower strata exists in society.Lower strata can be exhaustively exploited by politicians,politicians,police officers and the media for their commercial profits.The director’s solid comment on the social realism is beautifully accomplished by the guileless humour in the screenplay.

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Manikandan is the cinematographer of the film,captures the life of dwellers in majestic details be it the alley of the slum or the tall buildings that touch the sky in the adjacent side of the city.The editor kishore has aesthetically put together the three montage songs in the film without deviating the theme of the film. GV Prakash,has done wonderful job with the background score which is pace to the movie.The dialogue writters Anand Annamalai and Anand Kumaresan are biggest asset to the movie for penning piercing harmless lines with good hearted innocence.

Vetrimaaran and Dhanush are the producers of the film and Fox Star Studios presenting it.This charming movie got screened at popular film festival like Toronto International Film Festival,Dubai International Film Festival,Rome Film Festival across the globe,this movie grabbed the attention of movie lovers.It won two national awards for Best Children’s Film and Best Child Artist categories.The film got scheduled to hit screens friday, it screened in advance for press in the hope that it would grab good word.Fox Star Studios,decided to present the movie world wide.it paid-off the critics rating the best film.

Final Word:

Such glorious movies rarely come into spotlight. Kakka Muttai is one such utterly charming movie which grabbed the attention of whole world.The credit goes to the entire team of Kaaka Muttai for delivering once such realistic movie to the audience.

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