Ham Radios Role In Emergency Communications

Ham radio or amateur radio is a hobby that brings people together through communication. People also use ham radio in emergency communications when other networks are not available.

However, one of the main reasons for using ham radio is to provide communication in case of emergency. Knowing this information, you may wonder, why should you use a ham radio for emergency communication when you have a mobile phone?

Well, ham radio in emergency communication is very effective as it can establish communication in a short time. Ham Radio is fast, easily portable, and works in any situation. So it is ideal for emergencies.

After reading this article, you will find out why ham radio is used for emergency communication.

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Ham Radio In Emergency Communications

During an emergency, most cell phone towers become useless, leaving the entire area beyond communication. In that situation, ham radio works properly because it does not require any network or internet.

On top of that, there are still many rural areas where no network is available for mobile phones. You can communicate easily in those arias with ham radio.

Why Is Ham Radio Most Effective In Emergency Communication?

Ham radio is usually the best communication choice in an emergency because:

  • It is the only option that allows you to speak and listen to your local emergency services
  • Ham radio range is usually longer than other communication services.
  • It uses high frequency which is best for emergencies.
  • Ham radio uses more power than other communication devices.

Many people are confused about the difference between walkie talkie vs ham radio because they think both are effective in an emergency. However, ham radio is the most effective and useful service for emergency communication.

The Role Of Ham Radio In Emergencies

Every major disaster around the world represents sudden local emergency situations. In those situations, the network and the internet become unavailable. As a result, it becomes difficult to know and help others in those situations.

When the news breaks later, you get to hear all the damage reports in the disaster. However, Somewhere in that initial report, you usually hear that it was some local ham radio operators who were first able to restore communication and call for help.

Yes, Ham radio operators are usually the first to reach any emergency situation and they are the ones who often call for help.

Ham is capable of making connections during natural disasters such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods, etc. During these disasters, Ham radio operators are the ones who take steps to coordinate communications when network towers and other infrastructure of communication get damaged.

Which Frequency Is Used In An Emergency?

VHF( very high frequency) and UHF( ultra high frequency) frequencies are commonly used for emergency communication. As a beginner, you can use a very high frequency to operate because it is most effective in emergencies.

There are many beginner ham radio transceivers available in the market now. Get a good ham radio transceiver that can operate at high frequency.


Ham radio is used for non-commercial situations. That means you can’t make money from it. However, you can use it in the public interest. So, get a ham radio if you want to help people, especially in emergency situations.

I hope this article will help you to understand the role of ham radio in emergency communication.

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