Rahul Dravid Should Be The Next President Of India

A P J Abdul Kalam, the best-adored rashtrapati in the nation’s history, passed on, and his demise incited a surge of certified national anguish and affection. How encouraging it has been to see the appreciation paid to him.

Rahul Dravid Should Be The Next President Of India :

The best Indian presidents have been the individuals who were not government officials. Abdul Kalam was a researcher, or, better put, a loyalist researcher: he was a splendid promoter of India’s national intrigues, and knew how to deal with the most noticeably awful senses of the political frauds he needed to reply to.

Rahul Dravid Should Be The Next President Of India
Rahul Dravid Should Be The Next President Of India

Most great of all was his capacity to touch off metro enthusiasm in the youthful. This is the era that discovers governmental issues abhorrent, and longs for Indian good examples to imitate.

Abdul Kalam was rich in the excellences that youthful Indians hunger for in their pioneers: lowliness, benevolence, a patriotism that isn’t fake, humankind, libertarianism, and solidarity — the “group” being India. Furthermore, it’s in that vein that we propose Rahul Dravid as India’s next president.

Dravid—”The Wall”— India’s finest Test batsman after Sunil Gavaskar (yes, he positions over Tendulkar), is 42 years of age. Pranab Mukherjee’s present term closes in 2017. There’s no sign up ’til now that the administration will put us out of our presidential unhappiness that year, and I’m wagering on a second term.

Pranab babu will trudge on, I anticipate, in his awkward, heavy route for an additional five years, permitting us to hurl a relentless moan of national help just in 2022. Dravid will then be barely shy of 50, consummately put to take crisp watchman at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Why do we pick Dravid? First off, he is the epitome of world-class fabulousness in a place where there is irrepressible average quality. He is a man of unfailing pride and individual trustworthiness, and has not once in his profession as a cricketer put the hobbies of a person over those of the group. Keep in mind his mixing presentation of an Indian innings shut with Tendulkar on 194 at Multan?

Dravid isn’t only a champion sportsman. He’s a model subject, his conduct and offering a format of greatness to every one of the individuals who watch it. He is additionally among the most mindful Indians alive. Any individual who heard him convey the 2011 Sir Donald Bradman Oration at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra can’t however have been struck by the clarity of his brain and values, and of his striking qualities as a person.

 He was likewise as richly lucid in discourse as he was with the bat. So, it will be great to see grea personalities leading our country.

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